Post IUI#1 Misc. Thoughts

~I’m afraid to sneeze…and I know that’s ridiculous.
~I’m afraid to pee…and I know that’s ridiculous too.
~I’m grateful that they told me about 100 times how awesome DH’s sample was.
Above and beyond. 
Really impressive. 
All terms they used when going over the thaw results. I’m pulling these numbers from my head so they might be slightly off, but basically, pre-freeze they hope for 80% motility and a score of 2-3+…he had 98% motility and a 3+… post-thaw they usually see 40-50% motility and 2+…he had 70% motility and 2-3+…plus his count was super high, so that means there were tons of great swimmers.

PLEASE GOD let just one decide that he and rockstar egg should go steady.
~I can’t believe I didn’t cry when I was sitting alone in the IUI room. I got teary eyed waiting for the nurse to come in, but then I told myself to buck it up and somehow didn’t let the tears fall. My husband would be impressed. 🙂 
~My “cervix was tilted down,” so the nurse had to reposition the speculum during the procedure. Joy. It was still done in under 2 minutes.
~I have lost all modesty thanks to IF. The things I talk about and tell you ladies…it’s kind of fucked up, but I’m so grateful to have y’all. 
~How can the IUI be the cheapest part of this whole process? Craziness.
~I’m stoked Michael Bublé was playing when I turned on the radio in my car post-IUI.
~I was anxious the entire 10 minute drive to my friend’s house b/c I didn’t want to be in an upright position.

~I’m laying on my left side all day long, just in case it makes a difference. It’s hard to type on my laptop when it’s on its side. LOL

So yeah, the roads were interesting on the way up to Denver this morning. It’s 350 miles from my door to the clinic, and between 6am and 12noon I drove through everything from 35 degrees and blowing snow to 65 degrees and sunny. There was one detour b/c of a jackknifed semi, but I still made it with an hour to spare. SO nice to not feel rushed.

It was funny to go down to the andrology dept to pick up the thawed sample and see what the guy’s magazine selection was like. A little different than the lobby upstairs. 🙂 
…and finally, this teeny little room hopefully changed my life today. 🙂

Thank you Amanda, Oak, and manymanymoons for talking/texting me through everything this morning. It definitely helped me to not feel so alone!

Like Julia said in the comments below…it’s in God’s hands now.


  1. You are so brave! Great job on holding back the tears…I don't know if I could have been as successful as you at that! I hope and pray today was your lucky day…The 2ww is tough, but you have made it through the hard part 🙂

  2. A few thoughts:Don't tell Charlie that his sample was so impressive. I made the mistake of telling Erik that the nurse called his sample "amazing" and to this day anytime he says the word he gets a knowing look in his eyes and smirks at me. Just wait til you give birth, then, my friend, you will have lost all modesty. Followed closely by the first time you hook yourself up to a breastpump. I have not a sliver of modesty left! Fingers and tossed firmly crossed for a quick and successful TWW!!!

  3. I cannot believe you could just be two weeks away… from another loooooong wait 🙂 I'm so stinkin excited for you!

  4. I am sooooo praying for you right now. I have everything crossed in hopes that this is your cycle. Stay patient and relax as much as you can. It is in God's hands now.

  5. Good luck! I started crying AND laughing during my first IUI. I think the nurse thought I was insane.

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  7. Stay horizontal. 🙂 LOVE YOU!! This WILL work!! I know it!!

  8. It definitely is in God's hands now, but WOMAN, I AM PULLING FOR YOU. My stomach is all in knots and nerves, so I can't even imagine how you are feeling! But I hope you're taking lots of deep breaths and relaxing and thinking good thoughts and pampering yourself. Fingers crossed, prayers whispered, lots of love heading your way. Internet Hug!

  9. Don't lay on your left side too much now, because they'll be telling you to lay on that side the whole time you're pregnant and you will get very tired of it ;).

  10. Oh soooo exciting! I am so happy and excited for! Can't believe you were so together, without your husband! Can't wait to see what the upcoming weeks look like!!:)

  11. Just so so stoked for you Josey. I'm so proud that you; 1. Did injections for the first time2. Went to all those monitoring appointments3. Drove all the way to Denver4. And had your first IUI..ALL BY YOURSELF!!! I'm glad we could help you to feel like we were right there with you.Oh, and I guess Charlie did pretty good too 😉

  12. I have so much respect for you. You are so strong to do that all by yourself. Congrats!!

  13. Whew…what a day you've had. I hope the next two weeks passes for you faster than any two weeks ever have.

  14. My fingers are crossed for you and I am sending sticky thoughts your way. When I went in for my ET while going through IVF. After the ET and laying there for 15mins I had to pee so bad and there was no way I could hold it any longer. So, I went to the bathroom. Then I was paranoid all day that I had peed my baby out. It was crazy but at the time it made perfect sense to me. Hugs.

  15. Oh I hope, I hope, IhopeIhopeIhope this works for you!!!!Glad you made the drive safe, I've lived in the state 7 years and still find myself rolling my eyes at the sporadic weather.

  16. You are so welcome. I couldn't be more happy that things went so well this morning for you. This needs to be your month!I'm with Oak…don't tell Charlie his goods were top notch. You'll never hear the end of it!

  17. Congrats of getting this far! I am sending positive vibes your way and hoping for the best. That is amazing that you did all of that by yourself, must have been difficult, but you did it!Love the pic of you horizontal with your fingers crossed.

  18. Ok, a few things…You deserve a trophy (and a cookie) for doing this all by yourself today AND driving to Denver. Oh my goodness. Congrats on your first (and only) IUI!! Yes, I'm saying "only" and being super positive 🙂 And I agree with the girls, DO NOT tell your husband that his swimmers were outstanding, you truly will never hear the end of it. My husband thinks he's like a rockstar of something, just because of a great sample. He gives me a wink and smile that says "Im the man." lol Well, he is "the man" to me 🙂 But it gets really annoying after a few times! My fingers and toes are crossed so hard for you!

  19. Good luck!!! Praying one of those swimmers gets to that egg and stays 🙂

  20. I'm so excited for you! Loving those numbers…and Buble was playing after?! Thats a good sign! 🙂

  21. So exciting! You are so pretty in your IUI picture. :)My hubby also got very cocky about the amazing sample he provided, but it actually helped him feel better and complain less about having to jerk off in a cup and hand it to a lady behind a desk. 😉

  22. I feel like I want to make you a Two-Week-Wait playlist. The Michael Buble thing was NO coincidence. I've crossed everything I have for you. xoxoxoxoxox

  23. What an awesome playack to your day. It's like we were there! Take care of that little embie and let's see two lines in a few days…..miss rockstar egg. You're hilarious 🙂

  24. I love the fingers crossed photo. Good choice of necklace. :-)You know how sometimes a person gets so filled with emotions you can't even speak? I feel like that right now and I can't even write. Of course we are hoping and praying for a baby to come from this IUI, but I am also sending prayers for peace your way as you move through these days of great anticipation. Time passes too fast, so savor even this 2WW. I love you. xxMom

  25. Oh this is so exciting. This could be it!!! I can't wait to hear your great news. Ya know my SIL flew out there is past week to get inseminated, she is a surrogate and the couple lives out here but flew her for the transfer because you are in the hands of the best!

  26. HA HA HA! When I had my IUI last week I had the same concerns about sneezing and peeing!I too was alone for the actual IUI – kinda sucked. I'll laugh about it if I get a BFP that B wasn't even in the room when his swimmers were set free.I went back to work right after mine and was concerned because I was sitting at my desk all day. Kept thinking gravity is not going to do me any favours.Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us that these IUIs did the trick!

  27. So excited for you girl!! Now do what you can to make the next two weeks pass by quickly. I'm sending you positive vibes!

  28. Having an IUI is more nerve racking that anything that you do along any of these processes. I'm totally with you on all of your emotions and feelings. It's just so strange. Good luck and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  29. Longtime lurker, stopping by to wish you TONS of good luck!!!!!! Thinking of you. xoxo

  30. Longtime lurker, stopping by to wish you TONS of good luck!!!!!! Thinking of you. xoxo

  31. Oh my god, I'm terrified of sneezing too. And coughing. I just get water and hope it'll go away.Good luck!! I've got everything crossed for you!!

  32. Fingers crossed for you!! I was terrified to sneeze, cough, laugh, pee too! 🙂

  33. Hooray for an awesome frozen sample! Like you I didn't want to do anything for fear that the sample would fall out, but the nurse kept telling me how the cervix seals it up anyways…crazy. come on little guys! Swim!

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