Treatin Myself

I just got an $11 scalp/neck/shoulder massage, hair cut, and blow dry at Av.eda (1st time visitor deal). Love it!

If you need a place to go in Denver, let me and I'll give you Mandi's number (she's the roommate of the girlfriend I crashed with last night).

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  1. Love the cut! Why is it that a trim can always make me feel so much better? It's like therapy…Therapy that makes you look great, which is even better 🙂

  2. Lookin great! And a perfect thing to treat yourself to today.

  3. Love it!Is that a TUBE TOP!?!?! Jealous.

  4. Sooooo pretty and well deserved!

  5. You look pregnant! 😉

  6. Do you seriously have a tube top on with NO coat!? I thought you were in cold weather territory!Hair looks awesome!

  7. ELEVEN DOLLARS??? wow! that is awesome! and yah. what is up with it looking like it is 85F where you are!

  8. What a great way to celebrate and relax after your IUI!

  9. Your hair looks great!! It does look warm and sunny there. It was cold and rainy here today.

  10. Look how cute you are! Love it!

  11. Wad up GORGEOUS!

  12. You look lovely 🙂 And relaxed. WOWZERS, only $11 for ALL of that??? 🙂 Isn't it still cold in Colorado??? Cute sleeveless tops, but brrrrrrr 🙂

  13. That is an awesome deal and a great hair cut, good for you! You deserve it!

  14. And look at you with no sweatshirt / parka / knit cap on. I was loving this weather in CO today, too!

  15. That's great that you took a little time for yourself 🙂

  16. GORGEOUS!!!!

  17. So dam cute

  18. You look beautiful (as always)

  19. You look amazing! (as always 😉 )Glad you took the time to treat yourself. you deserve it!

  20. I wish I were in Denver…you are glowing!

  21. Cute! That sounds uber relaxing…so glad you took a day for yourself. You've been on my mind a lot lately…

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