TISW Check-In

Time for the weekly check-in and weigh-in! 
I did pretty well getting in consistent exercise last week – I only missed Thursday b/c I was driving to Denver for the IUI. However, I’m going to have to really concentrate on eating well these next two weeks since the RE said no high-impact exercise during the 2ww (keep heart rate under 140). It’s a gorgeous day out and I wanted to play tennis with my SIL, but I guess I’ll have to settle for walking the dog. Hoping and praying it will all be worth it!

162.0# – loss of 1.6# last week (total loss of 3# in March)
My highest weight was 172# back in Oct09, and when I was on track last year, I got down to 152# (goal is 142#). 
It feels good to be 1/3 of the way there again.

1691 avg CPD – not bad b/c I’ve been exercising so much, but these next two weeks I’ll need to get that average number of calories per day down.

Friday: 162 over

45 min. elliptical

Saturday: 388 under
45 min. elliptical

Sunday: 1232 under (hard to know exactly how many cals I burned snowboarding tho)
5 hrs snowboarding

Monday: 26 over
45 min. elliptical + 40 min. walk

Tuesday: 210 over
3 1/2 hrs snowboarding

Wednesday: 103 under
45 min. elliptical

Thursday: 5 under
none – was driving to Denver for the IUI

My Fitness Pal (MFP) has me eat 1200 cal/day, and if I exercise, I get “bonus” calories to eat if I want (I usually try to eat some/most of them – the point is to keep your metabolism up and going – they’ve already built in the deficit). That’s what the over/deficit refers to after each day’s title – the “net” calories MFP wants me to eat. When I successfully lost 20# last year, this method worked very well for me. I’m hoping it does again. 🙂


  1. Great job Josey!!! I'm hoping you have to pull back on the exercise for about 9 months. 😉

  2. Here's hoping you will put on weight in the form of a baby growing inside of you, otherwise I hope you are able to stick with your plan, looks like a good week.

  3. GREAT job!!!!!

  4. Great job. YOU RULE!!!

  5. Awesome, good job Josey!!!!

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