Back to winter… a perfect DVR day.

Well, it was 70 and sunny yesterday – an absolutely beautiful spring day.
Today… not so much.

It is still dumping out, so who knows how much will end up accumulating. It’s been the perfect kind of day to stay home in my PJs and catch up on my DVR shows. šŸ™‚

One of the shows that I have a love/hate relationship with is On.e Bo.rn Eve.ry Min.ute. It seems like most of the women are single moms who are accidentally knocked up and screaming for an epidural in the first minute – and the women who are hoping to go med-free are basically told over and over that they can get meds whenever they want. I just don’t like that…it’s everything I hope isn’t pushed on me when I’m giving birth someday.

At any rate, on the episode I watched today, one of the women who was featured was a single mom who was struggling to raise the child she had. She got pregnant again and was going to make it work, but then found out it was twins and was overwhelmed at the thought of trying to raise three kids on her own. She decided to place the children in a home that could give them all of the opportunities they deserved. The couple was 39 & 40 and had been TTC for 13 years or something – the excitement and hope on their faces was absolutely amazing and inspiring… and their fear was palpable. I can’t imagine being an adoptive parent and knowing that the birth mom had 72 hours to change her mind. I can’t imagine being the birth parent who has to make that decision either. Wow. I definitely shed a few tears when the adoptive parents got to hold the twins for the first time.


  1. I've never seen the show before and accidentally caught that same eppisode. I felt the same way, but the other mom's on that episode were a little silly.

  2. When and what channel is that show on? I have never heard of it. I can't believe you have that much snow there today!

  3. That is some extreme weather! I'm over the snow from what we got this winter in the southeast… I live for summer and flip-flops! I have never heard of the show… a couple at our church who have been TTC for a long time just got twins and I am SO excited for them!

  4. We finally hit 80 degrees here today but it's back in the 40's tomorrow. I'm just ready for the warm weather to stay!I keep hearing about this show but then always forget to look for it and record it. Now with JJ gone I'm always looking for more TV shows to add to my already crazy long list. I'll have to check it out if they still have new shows on.

  5. I *love* that show. I DVR it. I cried really hard through it. There have been some really great episodes showing couples that have gone through years of infertility and are finally having their children. It gives me such hope, and it tugs at the deepest places of my heart.

  6. Will have to see that show…I hope you're doing well and I like to see you relaxing during your 2ww. I'll have to watch that movie. And thanks for your nice words on my blog. Got my fingers crossed for you!!

  7. I saw this show too, it struck me at first how they have the highest epidural and c-section rate in the area and after one episode I could see why. They push the epidural on everyone! I hope to avoid that situation and people like that too.

  8. I agree with you about the pain meds…I sure hope they aren't pushed on me if I ever get to experience birth. My mom made it through w/o them, so can I!I will have to check out that tv show…never heard of it. Good luck with the IUI results! Can't wait to hear more!

  9. I want to throw my remote at the TV everytime a show like 16 and Pregnant, or Teen Mom come on!!!!!!!! But they still make me cry… heck ANYTHING involving birth, babies, and adoption makes me cry these days! Oh the joys of TTC and fertility drugs:)

  10. Haven't seen that show..sounds really good though.We got snow here too..but it should melt by the end of the day. Hoping yours does soon too!

  11. Apparently we're on the same tivo schedule this week! I just finished that episode and I have to say, my relationship with the show is definitely love hate as well. But the twins one and the surrogate one but were awesome…

  12. See? Sometimes an overcast day is a nice opportunity! šŸ˜‰

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