Shopping for a baby shower for a friend this weekend…which one of these things doesn’t belong? šŸ˜›
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**Edited to add – FYI, I am not using these in the near future… just decided it’d be good to have a few around just in case. Way easier to buy them from strangers in the next town over than from the local pharmacy in my town of 600 ppl (where everyone knows me!)


  1. LOL.Technically, they all belong because your HPT will be positive šŸ™‚

  2. Hoping for a positive result on those tests!!!

  3. Haha–I'm curious to see how the clearance test works šŸ˜‰

  4. Like when I took a 3-month-old Gracie to buy a pregnancy test and the Dollar Store cashier looked at me cock-eyed and said, "But you already have a baby"

  5. *fingers crossed* for a positive. I wish you the best. I know it will be positive.

  6. I love it.

  7. Hope that test is positive!!!

  8. love it!!!

  9. What a wonderful friend you are. Praying that that box brings you your positive, and that your baby arrives healthily after a very happy and healthy nine months! šŸ™‚

  10. This cracks me up! I can completely relate to buying those at the local pharmacy – I think the lady at Walgreen's thinks I am selling pregnancy tests on ebay for a living now or something!

  11. This is very funny and I totally understand how you feel! I have to go shopping this week for a baby shower thats coming up– it will be the first baby shower I am attending since all our bad news from the injections šŸ™

  12. I guess infertility forces us to keep up our sense of humor…

  13. I'm thinking the prego test is yours… hoping for two lines!!

  14. I picked up a 3 pack today too:) I test on Thursday- hope your test next week is positive!!!

  15. You are totally going to pull a fast one and test, get your positive HPT and keep the news to yourself until your positive beta. I know somebody recently who did that. šŸ˜‰ I'm looking forward to good news soon!!! :)P.S. Your town seriously has 600 people? Wow!

  16. I have been thinking about you so much lately. Gosh I hope this all for your fertility journey. I can't wait to read about your positive test and betas!

  17. Nice. You should have added in a package of condoms just to really confuse the issue. šŸ™‚ Aren't these weeks dragging!

  18. Ya, whenever I have to buy stuff from my local Walgreens I hate that awkward moment when they look at you and you can tell they are thinking "is she pregnant? did she mean to get pregnant or was it an accident?" Or maybe I'm just imagining all this judgmental crap.

  19. I hope your friend enjoyed the gift.And oh, you.will.need.them.soon.enough.I was reading your post-IUI post, and I can relate to all that..including being afraid of sneezing and peeing and all…But pee away, coz the spermies would not have swam away..The morning I got my positive test, I distinctly remember that I had been sleeping on my tummy. I was so flipped after the test…For a little while after the fertilization, the embaby travels down from the fallopian tube to the uterus where it snuggles…till the snuggling happens, the sneezing, sleeping on the tummy and all won't matter at all.Take Care and Good Luck!

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