Almost two years ago when the movie Up first came out, my husband and I saw it in the theater. This is bizarre for a few reasons.

(1) We have been to the theater just four times in the 6+ years we’ve been together. True Grit with my parents, Just Go with It while we were in Denver killing time between RE appointments, Up, and one of the Harry Potter movies with friends. He’s just not much of a theater guy.

(2) I have never before or since talked him into watching an animated film with me…though he constantly refers to ones he loves that came out in the late 90s. The Land Before Time or Toy Story anyone? 🙂

(3) We tend to spend our “expendable income” on things like beer (mmmm….beer….), but that day we were killing time in a town 100 miles away waiting for his flight to depart, so we tried out their new theater. $40 later we had two matinée tickets, 1 small drink, 1 medium drink, and 1 medium popcorn. HOLY HELL. Maybe that seems normal to some of you, but around here that generally costs us about $20 max, so we were in sticker shock. We could have bought two 30 packs of beer for that! LOL

(4) I had no idea what the story line was on this movie beyond the preview of an old guy with a house that was flying under balloon power. Who knew it was about a guy and his wife who eventually found out that they couldn’t have kids who grew old together?

Luckily, at the time we watched the movie, we were about two weeks from deciding to officially TTC, so though the awesome, beautiful, touching, powerful montage at the beginning was very cool and brought me to tears…it wasn’t personal. The IF section didn’t strike home, you know?

Fast forward nearly two years, and for some reason we are getting the commercial free movie channels for free for a few months on our satellite TV, so a couple of weeks ago I recorded Up. Last night, in one of our new epic, crazy Saturday nights, we decided to watch it.

Wow, how life is already changing.

At any rate, the opening montage happens, Ellie is sitting in the doctor’s office with her head down (pregnant lady poster in the background), and I am crying so hard. Big, silent tears are streaming down my face, and my heart is bursting apart with empathy and pain for these cartoon characters on the screen.

My husband looks over at me, and incredulously he says, “Are you crying?!”

Through my tears, I said OF COURSE I am. I knew I couldn’t watch this movie again until I was pregnant.

He immediately starts APOLOGIZING and saying he’s sorry, why didn’t I tell him?!

*me staring at my husband*
*the light coming on in my husband’s brain*

He forgot I was pregnant. 

ROFLMAO. Seriously?!

(BTW – a HUGE thanks to everyone for your encouraging words after the 2nd beta yesterday. I knew if I reached out to you about my fears that you would come through with flying colors — and comforting stories. I love you guys.)


  1. I love that movie but watched it 2 years ago into our TTC journey and bawled my head off.

  2. Oh my god I am laughing SO HARD right now. Seriously. Cracking up. Out loud.I'm going to be giggling about this all day, I think. :)Love you both!!

  3. I think it took my dh about 12 weeks and a belly to realize I was pregnant. Both times. :)I was tearing up because I couldn't even watch that part of the movie this summer.

  4. So sweet! I'll have to watch… in the meantime, how sweet to hear about the light bulb moment… love it!

  5. That's just precious! 🙂

  6. Saddest. Movie. EVER.

  7. I heard about this movie and felt the same way . . .I couldnt't watch it until I was pregnant.I am sure it means sooo much more now!

  8. I watched it (on DVD) after we were married but when we were just starting to TTC so we had no idea the difficulties we would have. I remember that beginning part and though…"hope that doesn't turn out to be us"…little did I know…

  9. I've just been catching up on your last few blogs. Lots has happened since I last took my eyes off the screen. I LOVED the video of Charlie's reaction to your cute scrabble idea…after such a long road for you I so appreciate you sharing that with all of us. Made me cry. Hold on about the Beta…don't know much about these things, but as long as it's going up, that's gotta be a good sign. Looking forward to seeing how things are progressing for you. (your comment on my blog brought tears to my eyes and sunshine to my heart. you're a sweetie..thanks)

  10. I do tear up at the beginning of that movie… we don't go to the theater very often either, Hubster has fallen asleep the last two times so I decided he isn't allowed to go anymore. We aren't going to pay $20 for him to nap lol.That's funny he didn't make the pregnancy connection. Guys can be so silly hu?

  11. That is hilarious. Seriously, hilarious. Also, I love that movie. Mostly the dog parts, because, you know, me and dogs. I never really thought about it from your perspective until now. Isn't it weird how I see that as a movie about dogs and and old man and you see it so differently?Again, so happy for you guys!

  12. Aww, I love that movie too! And so funny that he forgot you're pregnant!

  13. LMAO too. Guys!!

  14. JJ even gets sad during that part of the movie. I love UP!!

  15. I have been wanting to watch this movie so bad recently I loved it the first time we saw it but I am not sure I really want to cry right now.

  16. Omg, I've seen that movie, but the whole IF storyline went right over my head! (obviously pre-IF days) I remember now! I want to watch it again…

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