Thank You

I owe y’all a few thank yous for a multitude of reasons…

*Thank you for your comments/suggestions on my weight loss post.
I feel SO much better – emotionally, mentally, and physically, when I’m being active. I have plenty of “fertile” friends who have continued with strenuous exercise throughout pregnancy (even CrossFit!), but most of them also had “oops” pregnancies, so I feel a need to be more careful… after all, it took us so much time and money to get this far! That being said, it is SO important for my peace of mind/mood to exercise, so I’m going to keep up with it.

My plan is to go back to regular speed elliptical exercise (thank goodness – that slow shit sucks!), and tennis and hiking throughout the summer & fall. I’ve been physically active pre-BFP, so I think my body will be fine with that.

Also, I’ll be waitressing and bartending full time from June 15th – October 15th (basically weeks 13-30), so that will be giving me lots of exercise as well. I’m hoping the stairs won’t be too much of an issue that last month or so. We shall see.

Does anyone have any experience with rock climbing while pregnant? I’m thinking I might have to avoid it for the summer, but I’m not sure. It’s such amazing exercise!

*Thank you for your comments on my beta posts – especially the 2nd beta.
It feels a little bizarre to be entering into this whole new world of worries. In a twisted sort of way, I was “comfortable” with the TTC worries. I knew what to expect. I knew the statistics. I knew how I’d feel after each BFN. Now there’s a whole new world of worries out there. ACK! I’m doing my best to push away the multitude of sad stories that I’m all too familiar with thanks to the ALI community. I think that’s the hard part of IF – you become way too well-versed with both the good (amazing support – wonderful people – heart-warming stories) and the bad (m/c, neonatal loss, etc). I need to believe that this journey will end with a healthy baby in 35.5 weeks.

*Thank you for your support over the past 2 years.
I would never wish IF on anybody, but honestly, you all have changed me. You have helped me grow. You have helped me with patience, hope, empathy, and joy. It’s amazing how difficult it can be to feel joy when you are in the midst of your own despair. YOU have helped me to rediscover how to feel joy for other’s happiness.  Thank you.


  1. Right back at ya, lady! πŸ™‚

  2. I know we all feel exactly the same about you too! You've been a great friend and I've been tossing good thoughts your way constantly throughout each day.

  3. i would say you might have to give up rock climbing- i think "they" say that any activity in which you might fall suddenly (the one people usually ask about is skiing) and/or lose your balance is generally not recommended… but i think all your other plans to stay active are great πŸ™‚ i have found that staying active makes me feel good about making healthy choices for this pregnancy!!

  4. ((HUG)) I stopped everything when I got my BFP. I didn't want to worry about that at all. Not that I'd recommend that, just saying what I did. Plus I just wanted to sleep all the time anyway :)So, so excited for you guys!!

  5. I'm so glad you're feeling a little better about things, and getting back to feeling like yourself. Although IF sucks, having you as a friend makes me feel on top of it. Love you!

  6. You're so sweet. And NO rock climbing missy!! Or snowboarding next fall/winter. I will personally come down there and kick your ass if I catch wind of either one happening. You can climb a wii rock wall or something just to get your fix.I'm sure they have that somewhere.

  7. I want to also thank you for following my blog and for your sweet and supportive comments :-)I can relate to the fear that life after the BFP brings. I was so used to BFNs it was like, now what!?! I think taking things one day at a time helps and with each passing day you will feel more confident and settled into this pregnancy.

  8. You are so sweet, and deserve all the support! Wish you the very best!

  9. You're welcome and thank you in return. I think this community is a big part of what helps us all through this, and I can't imagine continuing on without the support.PS: I think lateral rock climbing would be ok, but I wouldn't climb up or repel down, too dangerous. (at least until the bump gets in the way)

  10. This community is amazingly supportive, and that is what i love about it and everyone. as far as the exercise i would just ask your RE about the rockclimbing but other exercise is good for the both of you.

  11. I heart this post πŸ™‚ And I would hold off on climbing mountains for awhile haha

  12. Your exercise plans make me tired! Thanks to YOU for being such a great support here as well. Believing with you that you are 35.5 weeks from a healthy baby!!! :]

  13. I'm glad you're feeling better about activity stuff! And <3 all the fam reactions from your previous post! You sound like you have a great family πŸ™‚

  14. I'm glad you're feeling better about activity stuff! And <3 all the fam reactions from your previous post! You sound like you have a great family πŸ™‚

  15. You are just the sweetest gal! πŸ™‚

  16. Rooting for ya Josey!

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