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I’ve been thinking about Kate and Will a lot lately…though I suppose that’s fairly obvious since they are Kate & Will in my mind — and not Kathryn and Prince William. 🙂 In fact, I just watched William & Kate on Lifetime the other day, and I’ve already set my DVR to record the “pre-wedding” and the wedding itself next Friday. The coverage starts at 1am, and I am not going to miss it! This coming from someone who does not watch E! News or record the red carpet for awards shows, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss a second of the Royal Wedding. LOL

But seriously, I cannot imagine their lives. I wouldn’t want their lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be able to spend so much time traveling and donating time to causes…but having the world judge me on every step I make? Wow. No thanks.

Elphaba @ Yolk wrote a great post about the pressure the (soon-to-be) princess is under to produce an heir. Go read her post and then come back. You back? Great.

I say “under” – not “going to be under,” because she made a great point that Kate has probably already undergone fertility testing to ensure she can (hopefully) produce an heir to the throne. ACK! Seriously?! Can you even imagine?

William is 5 months and 1 day younger than me. Kate is 11 days older than me. My husband is 22 days older than me. For all intents and purposes, we are all the same age. Heck, we’re basically the same people… save the whole royalty thing.

Wow, my head is titled weird in that pic, but you get the idea.
Also, you get that I’m joking about being the same people, right? I wish I looked like her!
I just love that my Charles and William, son of Charles, resemble each other. 🙂

At any rate, I think about what we’ve gone through emotionally over the past two years, and I cringe to think what would happen to them if they were put in a similar situation. You know it wouldn’t be all love and support and roses around them – at least not from the thousands of people who wouldn’t know why she wasn’t knocked up yet. Think of what she’s living up to – depending on her cycle, Will’s Mom got a BFP on her second or third cycle post nuptials. Is it creepy that I actually counted back the weeks to figure that out? *sigh* IF is a weird disease.

The other question in my mind is “What if they didn’t WANT to start TTC yet?”

I’m guessing that’s not an option.

The silver lining in all of this has to do with equal rights. It seems like the British Royalty is finally trying to update their law regarding the throne.

How sad that it only took until 2011 to think that WOW, maybe a first born GIRL shouldn’t have less rights than a first born BOY. Genius. Kudos to them though for finally taking the steps to update that antiquated law.

I leave you with one final totally unrelated picture from my wedding, just because it’s my blog and it makes me smile to look at pictures from that day. 🙂 


  1. You guys all totally look alike! Nice work 🙂

  2. I love that you are a Kate & Will fan 🙂 I was totally bummed over the weekend when I realized I had forgotten to record the Lifetime movie before we left to go out of town…And have yet to remember to try to find another time it is showing. Can't wait for the Royal Wedding 🙂 PS – Love your wedding pics…You look beautiful!

  3. Yes, you all look alike! I'll have to see about recording the festivities too – I'm curious to see what it will be like.

  4. I can't imagine never being able to grumble through the grocery store in a bad mood… or sneeze without having a paprarzzi take my picture and put it on the front of "People."Oy. But, man, to never have to do laundry or shop for groceries again? Tempting!Juliawww.babyschetky.blogspot.comICLW #4

  5. That's so crazy that you brought that up about Kate having to have kids right away. I thought the same thing this morning when I was in the shower (creap I know). For her sake I hope it's a smooth ride. I get upset when family asks when it'll happen, let alone the entire world on baby bump watch. I love the wedding pic. So pretty. 🙂

  6. Dude you crack me up.

  7. There is a resemblance between charles and william – but your hubby is handsomer :).

  8. I agree with CeeJay..your husband is way better looking! Beautiful wedding photos!

  9. You guys are such a good looking couple….this is going to be one CUTE baby! :)FYI, I was at the drugstore yesterday and the cover of Star magazine is about whether Kate is already pregnant. I mean……unreal.

  10. I love that you post gratuitous wedding pics. Keep doing it please!You do look an awful lot like the same people it's a little scary!

  11. Norway finally changed their law of succession to first born CHILD-not son-in 1990! So right now the Crown Prince Haakon-Magnus (who is actually younger than his sister, but is next in line since they were born in the 70s), has two kids with his wife and she actually has one from a previous marriage (also dramatic and they won't give her son Marius the title of Prince, since he's only a step-son to the Crown Prince). So their first kid they had together is next in line after Haakon. HER name is Ingrid Alexandra 🙂 7 years old and adorable of course. So, ya, wow, I can't imagine being royalty (/any kind of celebrity) and being scrutinized for everything, much less producing an HEIR. Uffda.

  12. I have thought very similar things about them. What would have happened if we lived our TTC journey in front of the world? What if they don't want children right away? IF is a strange disease. Makes you think of things you might not have ever thought about. Love the wedding pictures!

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