Cheerleaders Needed!

Hey bloggie friends – please go check out Amy’s blog and cheer her on as she jumps back into the world of IF treatments. I actually started following her last summer b/c of her “curl down” vlog (haha!) and I loved her fitness tips and am in awe of her steady faith in God and his plan for us…it was only a few months later that I realized she was a fellow IFer. They’ve been TTC for 5-6 years if I remember right, and they’re currently trying a medicated IUI. I am praying so much for her that this will finally work for her and DW!

1:24 in… listen carefully. 😉

I love one of her final statements. She was petrified to give herself the shots (her hubby was out of town), but she says: I want children worse than I care about shooting myself in the stomach.

So true, Amy, so true!


  1. She is so stinkin cute. I'll definitely stop over and say hi.

  2. I LOVE her blog..she is a beautiful person inside and out! I am praying this works for her and DW!

  3. I love that blog…still use the curl down to this day 🙂 Thanks for the link!!

  4. What a cutie!

  5. YOU just made my day…had a couple people come over and tell me that they came over from your blog. Thank you! I will take ALL the prayers I can get!Thankful for you!

  6. I checked out her blog…she's supper cute. At 800+ followers, she's got lots of cheerleaders! You must have helped with that! And way to tell them off on your previous post. Proud of you. That J guy was an idiot.

  7. I will have to go follow her blog— I will be praying for her too, 5-6 years of TTC is quite the emotional rollercoaster! We have had difficulty just making it through our last 1 1/2 years 🙁

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