*Lightheaded/dizzy spills when I stand up suddenly. I seriously see black dots and have to grab onto things to keep upright. It was freaking me out until I read in my Pregnancy Day By Day book this morning that it’s common right now. Phew. Thanks Oak for the great read!
*Awful thirst, all the time, often accompanied by headaches. I feel like I’ve been in the Sahara without water for days (or like I have an awful hangover). I drink so much water too, and it doesn’t seem to be helping – does anyone else have issues with this?
*Hungry all the time. I’m trying to space out small meals all day, but I’m seriously hungry non-stop.
*If I’m not eating, I tend to be sleeping. How do people work full time jobs? I’m constantly exhausted right now.
*Night-time nausea the last few nights. WTH? I seriously got out of bed and puked on Friday night it was so bad. Weird.
*Sore boobs – though not so much anymore. From 4w2d to 6w2d it was awful though. Still can’t run up and down stairs without some serious support, though at least I’m not sleeping in a sports bra anymore.

My first ultrasound is this afternoon (6w4d). So nervous. So unbelievably scared that this won’t be everything we’ve hoped for. Praying praying praying… 

Also, my good friend Kelly @ Little Looman Log is going to meet her little girl today!! (she’s getting induced at 37w3d b/c of pre-eclampsia) Send some good thoughts her way please!


  1. These sound like great symptoms!!! Sorry that you're feeling lousy, but I'm grateful for the signs that your little one is growing! Can't wait to hear the update from your ultrasound! Sending prayers your way!

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  3. hoping for great u/s results- keep us posted!!!

  4. I have been thirsty for the past 10 months. I went and bought two new big re-useable 24oz glasses and have one with me all the time. I make a point of drinking at least 5 of them although I tend to do more. Your thirsty because your body is rapidly increasing your blood volume, or some such shit. Also, as for the sickness, just make sure you don't let yourself feel hungry for too long. I ate constantly throughout the days (and nights) and found that anytime I went too long without food the nauseated feelings would take over. Glad you like the book, it was my fave!

  5. I have awful thirst. I can not get enough water in my mouth and even when I do it doesn't help.

  6. Sounds pretty similar to what I experienced too. I can't wait to hear how your first appointment goes – I just know everything will look perfect! You'll get the first pictures of your baby today!!!

  7. Oh, I'm so jealous that your boobs are hurting less! I'm still using a sports bra at night…Can't wait to hear about your u/s!!!

  8. I have never felt so happy to feel like crap!! LOVE those symptoms – every single one. Because it means that it's real! Can't wait to hear the results of your ultrasound.

  9. I second the "keep eating" advice! In my 1st trimester, I'd feel nauseous unless I ate. So I ate and ate and ate. I gained more than "recommended" in the beginning and ended up gaining just the right amount. Try to not pay too close attention to EXACTLY when the weight gain is supposed to happen. You live such a healthy, active lifestyle that you're going to gain the right amount at your own (aka the right) pace.

  10. It's funny how everyone has completely different symptoms!The tiredness does wear off by week 15 or 16.Can't wait to hear how the ultra sound goes!

  11. I can't wait to hear the details of today's ultrasound. What an exciting day!!! I am so happy for you.

  12. Those all sound like healthy pregnancy symptoms to me! I remember the constant thurst..I couldn't believe how much I was drinking.Will have my phone glued to my body at 7pm…

  13. I was also starving constatly and if I didn't eat every couple of hours I would feel so sick. Good luck on your ultrasound!!

  14. I am always thirsty. I drink almost 3 gallons of water a day and still feel undeniably thirsty. Nurses and doctors always look at me funny when I tell them how much I drink. (If you have contractions, like I do, they ask you if you are drinking enough water.) I am so excited for you to see your baby.

  15. yay for pregnancy symptoms! my sister had the dizziness/spots during each of her pregnancies and her doctor told her it was from dehydration, so guzzle that water girlie! πŸ™‚

  16. hoping for a great ultrasound! I'm so excited for you to see the little one and beautiful beating heart today!Hang in there with the symptoms!

  17. Crossing everything for good news this afternoon!!!

  18. Back again, blog stalking. I am also hungry all. day. long. I started keeping food in my desk drawers so that my co-workers wouldn't think I was high since I was spending so much time in the kitchen. Thinking of you!

  19. Yay for symptoms, sorry if some are yucky! I hope all goes well at the U/S, can't wait for the details!

  20. Can't wait to hear about the u/s. I am praying that everything is perfect!

  21. sending so many good vibes right now, it's ridiculous. love yous!!

  22. Can't wait to hear the u/s update! I get the mid-day nausea… it's inappropriately named morning sickness!!! So excited about your first u/s!

  23. Whith those symptoms…nothing to worry about for the U/S. Love to hear about all your changes!,

  24. Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound!!!!!

  25. Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound πŸ™‚

  26. Hope your u/s went ok today.

  27. Hang in there Jos, is IS going to be everything you have been waiting for!!

  28. Yep, you're pregnant, all right. I hope the ultrasound went great!

  29. Ooooh….it must be so exciting….I pray that you see your Bub doing so well!

  30. Ooooh….it must be so exciting….I pray that you see your Bub doing so well!

  31. Just a note of support to say that I am so happy for you. All of this shit stuff (morning sickness, sore boobs, etc.) will pass eventually. You're actually having a freaking baby and I couldn't be happier. πŸ™‚

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