Midwives & Morning Sickness, 7w4d

Well, on the up side, small amounts of kombucha & beet kvass have been a lifesaver. I still have nausea most of the day, but I’m able to function at least a little.

On the flip side, I’m still routinely puking at least a couple times a day. Yay.

Peppermint hard candies have also helped, and fruit cups (including drinking the sugary water they’re in). I’m trying really hard to up my protein intake too – my acupuncturist said that’s the #1 thing I can try to do to help alleviate the all day nausea.

Speaking of my acupuncturist, today is my first visit to her in nearly 6 weeks. I can’t believe it’s been so long!! After going every week (or every other week at the longest) for nearly a year, I just haven’t had the energy…plus a little crazy side of me was thinking “my body is in some sort of balance right now…and even if I’m out of balance, it’s supporting a pregnancy so I’m afraid of changing that balance.” I finally called and told her I needed to come in and see if she could help with this nausea crapola. I am so glad that I did. The 75 minutes I was on her table were the best 75 minutes I’ve had in the past week. Here’s to hoping that continues…

Also, I need to get going on picking out my OB/midwife. I’m still hoping for a home birth, but my hubby is pretty dead set against it. Instead of going with the OB I visited back in Feb2010, I’m thinking a good compromise is the local group of CNM (certified nurse midwives) that practice out of the hospital (which is about 30 min from my house). I had a quick 20 minute consult with one of the women today, and I was mostly happy with what I heard.

*They see you every 4 weeks up to 30 weeks, then every 2 weeks to 36, then for me, 2x/week the final month since I was an IUI case. Yay for a little bit of special treatment!
*Appointments last as long as I want – 5 minutes or 60 minutes, they don’t care. “We don’t overbook. We’ll talk and hang out as long as you need.” I like that.
*My next u/s isn’t supposed to be until 20 weeks (HAHAHA – ya fucking right) but she said they’d schedule me for another one whenever I want, under the understanding that it will probably be out of pocket. Not a problem. I’m hoping to go in for another on in the next couple of weeks sometime.
*Even though you birth in the hospital, they don’t require you to be monitored or hooked up to IVs (unless you have to be on pitocin or antibiotics for some reason). You’re free to walk around as much as you want.
*They don’t hold you to the 24 hrs or you’re headed to a c-section or other intervention… if things are progressing slowly, that is just fine with them.
*They don’t ask if you want meds (they wait for you to ask if that’s what you want). They’re huge supporters of “natural birth” if that’s what you want (and it is what I’m hoping for).
*If you want an “unassisted birth,” barring complications, they will step back and allow that.

The annoying thing (which holds true for the OB practice as well) is our local hospital does no water births. They have one teeny tiny little tub room on the L&D floor that you can labor in (big enough for you and your husband according to the CNM) but you can’t actually deliver in there, and the birthing suites are tiny and don’t include tubs themselves.

All that being said, I’m definitely glad I talked to them.

We shall see…decisions decisions…

Just got a call from my nurse at CC.RM – my P4 level came back at 20.5 today, so they want me to start to wean down to one supplement/day. Good news I guess! I’ll go in for another check next Monday, and if all looks good, be off of them completely!


  1. My Acupuncturist gave me these little things called "Ear Seeds" that were stickers she placed on the inside of my ears. They kept constant pressure on the pressure points that combat nausea. They worked pretty well, but only stayed put a few days. Sorry to hear yours is so bad… Hang in there!

  2. What's an unassisted birth? Does your hubby "catch" your Rockstar?Sorry, just uninformed – said the girl who still begged for the epidural at 9.5 centimeters 🙂

  3. I felt the same way about going back to acupuncture and I still haven't gone back but probably will soon. I hope you start to feel better soon!!

  4. I continued with the acupuncture every week at first, then every other, then once a month. I finally quit going at about 4 months though just b/c it got too expensive. Glad to hear you've found some tricks that help you out.

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  6. that's got to be a tough decision to make, but it sounds like you've got a great plan. good luck!!!

  7. hope your feeling better soon. the midwives sound great, i wish we had something like that around here. i am going to look into water births when we get pregnant.

  8. I used the ear seeds as well, you should try them!Ugh, I hope your m/s starts to subside soon, it is NOT fun.Your compromise with Charlie sounds perfect, what a great option! A little of both. Makes me want to see if I would have that option here…good call 🙂

  9. Acupuncture totally helped me with the nausea, but unfortunately it wore off by the next day and there was no way I could afford to go everyday. Hope yours doesn't last much longer. Sorry you're having a hard time with it.I have a pool you could borrow and blow up in your hospital room :PGlad you are thinking about going with a midwife. I loved the experience so much. I spent a minimum of an hour and a half with mine at every visit. It was like hanging out with your mom.

  10. JJ, I had no idea you were so into a home/natural birth until I read your blog! I mean, I always thought Gus would like that if she wants kids some day, our free-spirited hippie loving sis :), but never expected to hear my type-A, planner, oldest sister/practically second mom, say that she wanted one.BUT on that note, that's SOooo NEAT!! You're such a strong woman, and I know you can totally do it Oh-naturelle. I'm such a baby, if I ever give birth I'll probably be whining for the drugs a week before I go into labor lol. Way groovy Jos.PS Sorry I called and woke you up so late the other night 😛 xoxo

  11. I labored in the tub but wouldn't have wanted to deliver in the tub based on all the flipping around and shit I did. And as you already know, I'm with Charlie on the hospital birth… Anyways, I wish I could send you some Bloody Mary mix to help with this nausea, sucks that it isn't even the result of a fun night on the town huh?

  12. I really hope the acupuncture helps!!!Funny you should mention water birthing… 2 of the women in my miscarriage support group are lactation consultants at the local hospital here in fort collins. Somehow we got to talking about my birth plan (that I lost when I lost my baby) and I mentioned I had wanted a water birth and therefore would have had a home birth since the local hospital does not allow delivery in the tub. Once you reach 9cm they make you get out. They laughed and told me that I could deny getting checked, and as long as I don't mention a need to push, I could have stayed in the tub as long as I wanted… apparently it happens from time to time that women "accidentally" *wink wink, nudge nudge* give birth in the laboring tub.Best of luck in finding a situation you and you hubby are comfortable with!!!

  13. Sigh, I want a waterbirth so badly, but they're against the law here. Hopefully I will get to settle for laboring in a tub!

  14. Hey – I just found your blog and I'm a new follower. I'm also a first time mommy-to-be and I'm excited to follow your journey.And as for protein and morning sickness, I found cinnamon sugar almonds were the easiest for me to stomach. No queasiness and protein. WIN!! 🙂

  15. 7 1/2 weeks already?! awesome! so sorry the nausea is so bad, i really hope you get a break soon…I really like the sound of the CNM group, it sounds like a great compromise.

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