Some days you just shouldn’t get out of bed…

This morning I was hibernating in my bedroom, blinds closed, trying to munch on saltines and motivate myself to get out of bed without vomiting (didnt keep a damn thing down yesterday. Ugh). Charlie worked so late last night that they ended up just getting a motel room instead of making the 2 hr drive home…sleep was sorely needed. I was pretty bummed, but the upside was that I actually slept better without him getting up at 3:30am to head back into work. Lately I wake up without fail…AND already feel nauseous, so sleeping in until 8 was great!

Anywho, the electricity kept cutting in and out, do while the tv was resetting, I decided to let the dog out.

Do you see my sprinkler? My flowers on the table? WTF?!?

I was happier when I was in bed, oblivious to the snow!


  1. I hear you, we had golf ball size hail last night topped off with a day of dark dreary rain today. I was going to TRY to get my birth announcements done today, thinking I'm probably not going to get that done afterall due to lack of motivation. Shall we find a trashy show that's on marathon to watch together?

  2. FYI, It was mid-70s and beautiful for most of the last week! So frustrating. Sounds like a plan Oak!

  3. It's been in the 80's (high 80's over the weekend) here in Denver. Now…..RAIN and COLD! It's kinda depressing huh?

  4. It's enough with the fucking snow. You need a freaking break!

  5. Ugh, I would be so pissed waking up to that!! I think we are finally past all the snow here. So sorry friend!

  6. Are you kidding me?!?! That's nuts! Come to Ottawa, it's warm πŸ˜‰

  7. The weather is a nightmare!! Thankfully we don't have snow, but its so cold and windy on the east coast! Man, so sorry you feel so crappy, hope it lets up soon!

  8. I coudln't imagine experiencing snow mid-May! I was so excited when the first signs of spring showed up & stayed! Granted, I'm 8 days away from delivering my second child and the past three days of 90 degrees have caused my ankles to turn into cankles and my toes to look like tiny sausages! haha But, it will all be worth it! I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your blog and the journey to get pregnant, I have never experienced the whole process you & your husband had to go through, I have had friends that have though. My husband & I have had 7 miscarriages altogether so we do know the highs and lows of getting pregnant and carrying full term. I wish you luck. I have noticed on your previous entries that you are experiencing the glorious love of nauseousness and I wanted to let you know that I prayed to be sick! My doctor told me when I was pregnant with my first son that if I got sick or felt nauseous it was a good sign. I only got sick once, but worried the entire pregnancy. This pregnancy I was nauseous for 6 weeks, but never got sick (but still prayed for it!) So, stay positive, the more sick you are the healthier the pregnancy! Isn't Mother Nature wonderful!?!?? πŸ™‚

  9. Wow. Not to rub it in but it's been Summer in Arizona since April…but our Summer's suck here while your summer's are amazing! Staying in bed sounds like a great plan I would too if I woke up to that. I plan on moving to Colorado, hopefully next year so I will need get used to the 4 seasons again.

  10. Ok, so that's ugly. I'm from Buffalo, NY (so I can commiserate) and we are actually FINALLY getting decent weather.Hoping for sunny skies heading back your way.

  11. Down here in the flatlands it is raining/hailing/snowing and yesterday it was in the 70s. Gotta love colorado's predictability. Stay in bed.

  12. Snow?! HFS. haha. You're right some days we SHOULDNT get out of bed. So sorry you are feeling sick all the time. But to be honest, I'm a bit envious. I would love to be puking my brains out πŸ™‚ You probably want to punch me in the face, being since your head is probably in the toilet bowl right now πŸ™‚

  13. i'm sorry you've been so sick. πŸ™ take care of yourself!

  14. wow. I hope you get more sunshine soon! I got tired of snow this winter and was glad to see it go. I hope the sickness eases up soon, so sorry!

  15. It really IS crazy that you guys got snow again! I expect "spring rain" but "spring snow" is just ridiculous! Sorry you had to see that. And I'm really sorry that you're still feeling nauseous… still more than happy to mail you some anti-nausea-pregnancy stuff!!!(for some reason I don't ever get follow up comments from blogger anymore so leave a note on my blog if you decide you want me to mail you stuff)

  16. crazy, snow sucks this time of year!

  17. I can't believe you still have snow!!! Yuck!Come visit me, it's nice and warm down here, hot even most days!!!

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