I Have the Bestest Blog Friends Evaaaa!!

 Happy Weekend Ladies!

I just wanted to write a quick THANK YOU to all of you who have gone above and beyond for me. Ever since I’ve started this blog, I have been constantly amazed by the wonderful women I’ve met and the lengths to which they go to help one another out. I’ve received everything from thoughtful cards and OPKs, to pregnancy books, discounted meds, ginger treats/anti-nausea help, and Rock Star toys. You guys are truly unbelievable.

Y’all make my day, and if you lived closer, I’d share my homemade cinnamon rolls with you. I promise. 🙂


  1. So many ginger things to try now.

  2. Aw, what a cute Rock Star toy :)My god those buns look delicious…

  3. Mmmm cinnamon rolls! Hope you're feeling better.

  4. Do I get to be called Auntie Junket because I really want to be!!!!

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