What Worked for Me

Both to document this for myself and because I liked reading/researching what worked for others, here’s a little background on what I did during our IUI cycle:

BBT temping throughout

Prenatal vitamins throughout

*Circle+Bloom Meditation Program throughout (forgot this sometimes)
Wheatgrass throughout (2 servings/day) <— forgot to do this, but have been drinking it in the past
Weekly Acupuncture throughout <— I only went once this cycle b/c of scheduling conflicts, but I’ve been going regularly since last summer & I truly believe it has made a difference!
Vitex Supplement throughout
Flaxseed supplement throughout (1000 mg morning & night with meals)
Evening Primrose Oil until O time (1000 mg morning & night with meals)
Ate pineapple core around implantation time.
Pomegranate juice from O time through 2ww
Not to mention:
500mg of Clomid
525iu of Menopur
5 ultrasounds 
E2 check (5 times)
LH check (3 times)
P4 check (4 times)
HCG check (2 times)
I also:
drank during the 2ww…and I don’t regret it one bit
exercised during the 2ww (though with a lower HR)

I had to literally force myself to quit temping on May 1st. That dip on the 28th ’bout gave me a heart attack, and it was time for me to remember how to sleep in. I highly recommend BBT to anyone who is TTC though!!


  1. I was also a BBT junkie. My husband got used to waking up to the beeping of the thermometer every morning. It was just a way of life. But like you, I had to give it up after I got my first dip subsequent to my BFP. šŸ™‚

  2. I did C+B and acupuncture too, loved both of them! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You forgot to mention being a soul sister with me! šŸ˜‰

  4. You know I LOVE these lists :)I keep forgetting to get Vitex! Thanks for the reminder.btw…148 days TILL I'M THERE!!

  5. What will you do now that your life won't revolve around all the TTC acronyms? YAY!

  6. I totally forgot about Vitex and have it sitting in my cabinet. I'll have to get that one back out.I've started Wheatgrass thanks to you, hopefully it will make me less acidic. Did you take the powdered kind, if so, what did you mix it with?

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