Home Sweet Home…

With Op.rah and Ralph La.uren? 🙂

Even if she isn’t normally on your DVR, you should record Op.rah tomorrow (Wednesday) if you want to see where I live! If you can’t record it, you should go to her website and watch the little blurb about the show tomorrow – it’s pretty cool.

The Dou.ble RL is just 5 miles from my house…and if I may brag a little, it’s pretty gorgeous country out here! O and her whole crew came out 10 days ago and did a shoot with R.alph and the fam. It was the talk of the town. 🙂 His ranch is where my good friends live and work (and where they got married last fall!)…they said it was quite the production to have everyone there!

 –FYI, I’ve put the . in the names so this page isn’t as easily googleable – please do the same if you mention their names in the comments. Thanks!


  1. How fun, I'll have to check it out tomorrow!

  2. Soooooo excited for the show tonight. I heard every celebrity was there yesterday for the taping!

  3. where you live is silly…just kidding! Lack of sleep makes me feisty.

  4. I'm more impressed you're friends with someone with no face. How does she see?

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