I Miss Cold Beer

That’s all. 🙂 


  1. Seeing at it's the May 2-4 long weekend coming up, I promise to have a few for you.That's just as good, right?

  2. Amanda and I will take one for the team and drink up for ya. 🙂 I owe you a call…been a crazy couple of days at work. Talk soon.

  3. Oh how I know what you mean! I went to watch sand volleyball last night and I had to watch everyone drinking their nice cold beers. It is all worth it though 🙂

  4. Hahahahahahah! AF just came so I'll have a cold one on your behalf. It's the one thing that those of us left behind can still enjoy. So the countdown should be both giving birth/enjoying for first cold beer in 9 months.

  5. don't worry you are just spending this time lowering your tolerance so that when you can drink again, one beer will give you a good three hour buzz.

  6. Nice photo 🙂

  7. I can't imagine. I too love cold beer. Colorado has many of my favorites! Coors Light is my old stand by. Fat Tire is my favorite but I am waiting for New Belgium to make their summer brew…Skinny Dip.

  8. I'm a Bud Select girl usually, but I do love me some New Belgium Skinny Dip!!

  9. It's going to be a L-O-N-G summer for you!

  10. Aww… sorry for you, sweets! I missed red wine throughout IVF. I'll raise a glass tonight for you. Nine months is not too long, given a lifetime with your little one(s) on the way. Even so… I don't want to minimize the sacrifice you're making of this and other things. There are some non-alcoholic alternatives… I don't know about beer, but the wine alternatives are ok (I didn't have them during IVF since they're 1% but I've had them before)… hoping you can find a good substitute!

  11. What about some classic Blue Moon or Grainbelt Nordeast?? Those are my favs haha.Sorry you're in withdrawal…but not really I guess :)9 WEEKS!!!

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