Ix-nay the ex-say*

*Mom, this may not be a post for you. πŸ˜‰

So this is totally random, but PLEASE tell me that someday I’ll want to “get busy” again. My entire life I’ve had a higher drive than my partner, and for the past six years that I’ve been with my hubby, this has been no exception.

Now, do NOT freaking even think of touching me. The poor guy is facing a drought like he is in the Sahara, and he is NOT happy about it. Honestly, even though I’m the one saying “hell no,” I’m not to happy about it either. It’s been probably a month since I’ve even considered it…you know, basically since the puking started. Hoping, wishing, praying this changes soon.


  1. i hope it passes soon, for both your sakes. πŸ˜‰ seriously, though, i'm sure this is completely normal and that your drive will return when you start to feel better. one more reason to look forward to the 2nd trimester! πŸ™‚

  2. Honestly, I have been sick too long to even think about it either, but I have had ALOT of people tell me that you are going to double your pre-pregnancy sex drive in the second trimester . . . so watch out!!!

  3. Some people say they have more of a sex drive while pregnant, but I'm going through the exact opposite and I only see it getting worse as I get bigger. It's just awkward and uncomfortable which takes all the romance and intimacy out of it I think. I hope you feel better soon though so C can "get better too." πŸ™‚

  4. I am totally with you in this department!

  5. OMG I'm the exact opposite. As soon as the RE gave us the go-ahead I was ready to pounce. My poor husband is so scared something bad will happen, he doesn't want to risk it. So I'm kind of in your husband's shoes. I'm in a drought…and it's been a long one, I mean REALLY REALLY LONG one, and I'm not happy about it.I hope it changes soon. Some women lose their drive completely and others, unfortunately like me, go into hyper drive. Good luck to you!

  6. First of all, he's just going to have to deal. Secondly, it will come back…I'm sure of it. Eye on the prize and someday you'll be getting back down to business like the rabbit we all know you to be. πŸ™‚

  7. I love that your mom reads your blog! Hopefully you will start to feel better soon and get back on track..

  8. I may be MOM but my sensibilities aren't all that delicate. πŸ™‚ And one of the things I figured out in the last 56 years is that we are all Earth's Children and if I've felt something, thought about something, wondered about something, done something; no doubt there are a lot of other people who have, too, including my parents and my children. We humans have a lot in common. And I can't imagine why either one of you would be surprised at your lack of desire to fool around when you are all the time puking, nauseous, and miserable. This is one of those times you put one foot in front of the other for as long as you need to and simply endure. Everything will work out. Of course one of the things that makes a marriage work is to put your partner's happiness and needs ahead of your own and do it with love and kindness. And it only works if you both do that. It's like that story – the Gift of the Magi. Just talk. Lean on each other for support and talk. Because the other thing I've noticed over the years is that people – including husbands and wives – are very bad at reading each other's minds. πŸ™‚ So share in other ways- in words and hopes and dreams. The physical desire will return in due time and will only make your marriage sweeter.xxlove you

  9. I rarely feel like getting it on when I am lying on the bathroom floor praying to the toilet gods to ease my pain. The desire will return, probably like a freight train and C won't know what to do with himself.

  10. You'll get over it soon enough. Some women say that things were heightened for them in the 2nd trimester/3rd trimester. Hope it works out that way for you…

  11. Second trimester is where it's at. Unfortunately, the hubs was too afraid to touch me, esp. once we found out it was a girl. It sucked – I was hornier than I'd ever been and he wouldn't come anywhere near me.The desire went away in the 3rd tri and giving birth turns your junk inside-out so now it's me who's like, we're never having sex again! And guess who's all frisky again. I figure in about a year or so we'll be on the same page, jut in time to do it all again. Yippee. πŸ˜‰

  12. It will come back! Though not nearly as sick as what it sounds you have been πŸ™ I had horrible indigestion every night and morning and sex was the last thing on my mind. I was also nervous about our baby and wrapping my head around what was going on. I don't think either of us missed sex because it was just SO much to take in those first couple months.It is better now, but I will not lie – sometimes we both are a little weirded out by sex…especially now that Henry is moving! Nothing like trying to be intimate and someone is kicking you in the bladder πŸ™‚

  13. We tried to for the first time since our IUI mid April over this past weekend and well, errr, things did not go well. I could NOT get into it even though it was my idea and he maybe picked up on that because it did not go well for him either (or maybe he had trouble with the idea of it all or was scared) – either way the deed was done but it was probably the worst and most awkward ever. I was really hoping that this first time that we could just do it for the fun of it would be different!

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