So Much Sadness (I am just fine!)

…so honestly, I’ve been doing my best to ignore sad news in the TTC world for the past six weeks. This early in my own pregnancy, I just don’t have the mental strength to handle the extra worry if it can at all be avoided.

That being said, today just has me in absolute tears.

These aren’t all posts from today, but they’re basically from the past week, and as I’m just finally catching up on everything, the sadness just sort of hit me all at once.

sunnyside up @ how do you like your eggs? fertilized… just suffered an early loss (TTC since Feb2010)
Carlia @ The Stork Drop Zone just suffered an early loss (TTC since 2002)
Liz @ Compromised Fertility just got a BFN after her IUI cycle (TTC since June2010).
…and last but not least, Amy @ Chapters just got a BFN after her IUI cycle as well (TTC 5-6 years I think?)
Amy is someone I communicate with in real life, and she is one of the most articulate, caring, faithful people I’ve ever “met.” Her video post will bring you to tears, I promise.

This IF journey is just SO DAMN HARD, and I wish with all my heart that we were all sitting safely on the other side, babes in arms.

*sorry to those that read my original title and assumed the worst about me/Rockstar!)


  1. DOOOD! Put a different title!! My freakin heart dropped into my stomach just now!

  2. I was so scared when I read your title. There has been so much sadness in our blog world these days and I hate seeing it.

  3. I freaked out at your title too…For sure its been a tough week, but I cried so hard watching Amy's's so hard.

  4. I know…I find good news and bad news comes in waves here sometimes. We are due for a happy time, that's for sure! xo

  5. Really sad for the ladies you are speaking of. I have also come across a lot of stories of sheer jubilation lately.Looks like the globe turns two ways for different people.And you lady, keep doing well!

  6. And Amanda and Rebecca… 🙁 I agree, too much sadness.

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