It’s Endearing, Right?

I just had to put this question out there…

This morning, my husband came bounding into the bedroom about 6am, just before he was headed to work. Over the years I’ve “trained” him well, and he always kisses me goodbye before he leaves. These days, in addition to the kiss, he brings me my morning sickness pill and some water. What would I do without him?!

However, the point of this story isn’t about a kiss or a m/s pill, it’s about the dishes.

On this particular morning, I heard:
Babe! The dishes are all done! Love you!

I groggily thanked him and kissed him goodbye and rolled back over. The reason this was important to get done is that lately our dog has been pulling dishes off the counter top…thereby shattering them on our tile floor. UGH. Last night I made it through an entire day without puking (yay!!!!) but was still feeling pretty shitty by dinner time (booo!!) so I hadn’t put away the dishes we cooked/ate on for dinner. Instead of C dealing with them last night, we just locked the dog in the bedroom with us last night. Yes, we’re those people. 
SO, here’s the issue. When I clean up the kitchen, I clean the kitchen. I unload dishes if needed, I reload if needed, I wash all pots and pans, I clean the stove top, I wipe down counters. You know, I clean the kitchen. 
About 6:30am I stumbled downstairs this morning, and you know what I saw?
2 Greasy Skillets on the Stove top
1 Dirty Stove top
1 Sinkful of dirty cutting boards, blenders, etc.
1 Dirty Counter top
This is definitely not a major thing, and yes it will only take me 5 minutes to clean up. That’s not the issue. The issue is that I have teased him about this before. Honestly, he usually does the dishes in the sink when he “cleans the kitchen,” but I don’t think he has EVER done whatever dishes are on the stove top. He does not see them. It kind of cracks me up honestly, and I keep wondering if it will change, but at this point, I think I’m SOL on that issue. Do anyone else’s husbands do cleaning jobs half-assed and seriously think they did a great job? Do they also look for thanks for doing a job once a week that you do multiple times a day, every day?
I’m thankful my hubby tries to contribute, but the issue is that it’s usually just easier to do it myself. Methinks he is planning it that way…

We win some, we lose some, eh? 🙂


  1. This must be a man thing because my hubby does the same thing! Not so much with the dishes but he doesn't clean the stove and counter tops! Ah men- what would we do without them?

  2. My husbands main problem is getting things INTO the dishwasher. He will set his dishes on the counter directly above the dishwasher, but can't manage to open the door and set it in the rack. It drives me crazy! 🙂

  3. LOL You described my husband just then! IF he "does the dishes"… because let's be honest here, he usually doesnt. But, every once in a while, I'll get lucky and he'll put the dish into the dishwasher!

  4. LOL, as annoying as that is, yes I think it's endearing. Cause you KNOW he was proud of himself for doing those dishes as he ran out of the house..and it wasn't intentional that he forgot those other ones. When Gregg and I are doing chores on weekends and he tells me he cleaned the bathroom I ask "did you boy clean it, or girl clean it?" to which he usually says nothing, just turns around and does a little more scrubbing 🙂

  5. McMister and I have had an arrangement from the moment he moved in almost 6 years ago: he does the outside work and I do the inside work.Yes, I know that means I do A LOT more work than he does, but he makes more money than I do and we share it 50/50 so even though it's antiquated, that's how we do it.And still, every time he mows the lawn or takes out the garbage or fixes something on one of the cars, he fully expects a thank you – and most likely sex haha 🙂

  6. When David cleans the kitchen that means dishes and putting trash away. When I clean the kitchen it's dishes, trash, wipe the counters, disinfect the counters,sweep the floor, & swiffer the floor. But when he does help I take whatever help I can get and count my blessings that he's even willing to help! (My dad never helped my mom with household chores!)

  7. My husband is the same way..It is endearing, but I find myself re doing things he has already done..When in the first place he was trying to help me and save me time, but actually did the opposite. Oh well I love him to death anyway!

  8. When attempting to wash the dishes, my husband often misses pieces of food. And he can't load the dishwasher to save his life. But I appreciate the effort.We also have the arrangement where he does the outside stuff and I do the inside stuff. Although lately I'm too tired to do anything and we had dog hair tumbleweeds the size of small children floating around last week. He never complained. He never vacuumed, but he never complained which he normally would have done except now I'm carrying his children so he prefers that I don't lift a finger. 🙂

  9. Oh dear, you are so not alone. When my boyfriend does the dishes, he almost always misses some. Like, he'll "clean up" by putting the dirty dishes in the sink. Or he'll load the dishwasher but then leave the pots and pans in the sink. Or he'll unload the dishwasher but not the drying rack (for the non-dishwasher stuff), and leave dirty dishes on the counter. Like you said, he just doesn't see them.If I'm in the kitchen and we do it together, he usually sees them…because I point them out. It is endlessly frustrating.

  10. OMG JJ does the same thing and it drives me crazy! Glad it sounds like I'm not alone on this one. 🙂

  11. It's called playing the "helpless" card. Where the husbands do chores half assed enough times that we are just like "UGHH I can do it better myself." 🙂 But it totally is so sweet that he "tried" 🙂 My biggest peeve in the kitchen is when my husband piles dirty dishes in the sink…when the dishwasher is clearly dirty and he could have put them right in there 🙂 Ahhh but we love 'em anyways right??

  12. H apparently should get a prize for what he does around the house. I work and cook and he cleans up after me. He cleans the counters and stove top and has a special way of loading the dishwasher which I apparently can't quite grasp. He is also responsible for vacuuming and moping, mostly because he is a neat freak. I do bathrooms and laundry too. But h feels he should get special bedroom treats for what he is expected to do daily, I think all men expect perks and thanks for anything that would typically be considered a woman's job.

  13. Mine's the same way. It's frustrating as hell, especially since he wants accolades for doing a half-assed job. LOLAnd that cartoon? Totally my life. He will call me at work to ask if the dishwasher stuff is clean or dirty. So I say "if you really can't tell, run the damn thing." How on earth am I supposed to know when YOU'RE the one staring at the dishes in there??Heh. You struck a nerve! LOL

  14. Mike actually cleans better than I do…!

  15. Dude I could write a book about the times he is like 'you didn't even say anything about how I ____' fill in the blank with random chore I do all the freakin time and he did just once yet expects me to throw an appreciation party. Last week he "cleaned" up before some friends stopped by. I opened the dishwasher on Saturday and found a bunch of stuff we always wash by hand stashed in there. So by "cleaning up for our friends" he just hid shit in the dishwasher. Hahaha. he cracks me up sometimes.

  16. Same. He MIGHT manage to get the plates, etc. into the dishwasher – MAYBE. But never the stuff on the stove or the odds and ends.I have asked him repeatedly not to stack dishes on the right side of the sink, where the disposal is. I know it's a small thing, but you'd think that would be an easy thing and make me happy. If you're going to put dirty dishes in the sink instead of clean them, at least put them on the left, out of my way. Plus, covering the disposal makes it stinky.He still forgets half the time. Yes, you win some you lose some. But seriously, it's annoying.

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