My Favorite Things!

Well, a few of them at least. 🙂

*Fruit finally being in season here in the mountains and getting raspberries for $1/pack instead of $6/pack. I might have bought 13 packs yesterday I was so excited.
*Having to ask the cute pharmacist in the grocery story where the co.lase is located.
*Being able to admit to people that I’m pregnant when they ask why we don’t have kids yet. I get this question ALL.THE.TIME. – and it’s pretty freakin’ awesome to not have to hold back tears & mumble nonsense in response.
*When oncoming traffic flashes their lights to warn you of the upcoming cop/speed trap. Love this. For some reason people are really good about doing this where I live, and I truly appreciate it.
*Getting a phone call from the RE nurse saying that my P4 level is “greater than 40.4” so I can finally stop the prometrium!
*My husband turning to me in bed last night and asking me if I like him “better than ever before” lately. Apparently he feels like the last 6 months of our lives have been the happiest 6 months we’ve have (in 6+ years). That feels good.
*Drinking the first sip of beer out of the can when I grab a freshie for Charlie. Cold, crisp, deliciousness.
*Grabbing a bowl (morning, noon, and/or night) and filling it with vanilla ice cream, Her.shey’s chocolate syrup, a bit of milk, and mushing it all into a milkshake with your spoon before devouring every bite. Love this…and I might have been eating this pretty much daily lately.
*Guilty pleasures like watching The Bachelorette before work. Love it.
*Finally picking up a couple of shifts at the brewery and having some cash again. Unemployment has honestly been more enjoyable than I thought it would be, but I’m ready to work and have money again!
*Not puking. Never mind, I woke up this morning and had to RUN to the bathroom to vomit. WTH? I had 5 days puke free and then that. 🙁 Hoping it was an anomaly b/c I skipped my zofran dose last night. We shall see.


  1. Amen to cheaper fruit. My craving has been fruit, fruit and nothing but fruit (ok, and cream cheese). I can eat a pint of raspberries a day and still want more. 🙂

  2. Im so jealous that fruit is that cheap up north! Enjoy some for me!!Here in florida I wont even tell you how much we pay for strawberries! :(The bachelorette is my secert love affair! lol. I guess its no secret though! I have watched every season! :)And your hubby seems so sweet! 🙂 Hope your sickness goes away soon! 🙁

  3. A DOLLAR A PACK FOR RASPBERRIES???You and I must be twins because i"m always buying fresh raspberries. However, mine are costing me 2.79/pack. I might have bought 5 though.

  4. Mmmm, fresh raspberries!!!I hope it was an anomally!!! No more sickness.

  5. woohoo! 5 days no puking….well besides that one today 🙁 boo. but that is still exciting. And I love to mush my ice cream up like you described, only I add malt powdery stuff to it, mmmm. I want one! Glad you're enjoying being back to work.

  6. Omg don't skip a zofran! Everytime I'm even 30 minutes late on a dose I'm dry heaving! Lovely. 😉 but lord it's nice not to be puking as much, huh? Sweet sweet relief.

  7. Congrats on your pregnancy!!! I LOVED asking for colace too…lol

  8. All these things are awesome. I smiled at the comment about what Charlie said to you about liking him better. Super sweet. 🙂

  9. I could eat a mountain of raspberries. Then I always regret it because they make my tummy hurt. An hour later I eat them again. Its a vicious cycle.

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