13 Weeks, and Cell Phone Disasters

How far along? 13 weeks!
Size of baby? 2.9″
 (the size of a peach!) – up 1/2″ from last week, and little RockStar is weighing in at .81 oz. 
Total Weight Gain? Ha. 167# – up nearly 4# in the past week, but I’m hoping part of that is from eating too much random food on vacation for the past week. Yikes! It just feels so good to EAT again without puking every time. (though I have still been puking every day or two. ugh)
Maternity clothes? Loved my maternity dresses in the Lou, though the one in this pic is just a regular dress from Tar.get.
Sleep? Okay… still have issues with insomnia, but I’m getting used to it.
Best moment this week? Getting to talk freely with strangers at the wedding about being pregnant (I was one of 8 preggos there). Surreal. I still feel like an outsider, but at least I’m peeking my head in the window now.
Food cravings? Fruit fruit fruit. Love it.

What I miss? Not much right now!
What I’m looking forward to? Going to the midwife again next week – 4 weeks between appointments is too damn long!
Weekly Wisdom: Shit, I’m just not in a wisdom kind of day. No idea.
Milestones: Again, brain isn’t working. Sorry.
Emotions: Excited. Tired. Excited. Tired.
Symptoms: Headaches that come and go. Nausea – especially in evenings. Insomnia. All manageable. 🙂 Zits like a teenager. I also had my first round ligament pains a couple days ago. Weird!

Also, like I mentioned in my last post, I managed to submerge C’s cell phone in a glass of iced tea last weekend. We didn’t want to buy a new phone or upgrade through AT&T for $50 b/c we didn’t want to sign another 2 yr contract extension, so yesterday we decided to go to a local retailer and buy a consignment phone for $120 cash. Awesome. Great. They were $175+ online, so we figured why not. 90 seconds after we walked out of the store with a working cell phone for C, I managed to drop my phone and shatter the touch screen on the asphalt. Are you f*ing kidding me?!! The cracks have split across the entire screen since I took this picture. UGH.


  1. Are you freaking kidding me about the phone…so annoying (and something I would do so I can sympathize with him). :)You look so cute in your dress. You are honestly going to look so great with a big old belly (I'm not just saying that either).

  2. Yeah for 13 weeks!!! I opened talked to someone about being pregnant at lunch today and it was so weird.

  3. Enjoy those heels while you still can!:) you look great.

  4. Why is your phone not in a case to protect it?!?!?! Especially if you are that accident prone.

  5. I have NEVER broken a phone before! I'll be getting a case next time I guess.

  6. You are so adorable in that dress!

  7. You look great and I'm glad to hear you are starting to feel better day by day. That totally sucks about the phones though – what gives?

  8. I agree that you look totally cute!!!Does verizon work in your area? If so, I'd recommend checking out Straight Talk – $30/month for 1000 min 1000 text 30MB data, or $45/ unlimited, and they use the verizon towers. If verizon is no good, maybe check out one of the other month to month people? I got my phone for free, plus the service is so much cheaper!

  9. Woohooo! Second Trimester! Sorry about you bad luck with the phones! That sucks! I hate the whole contract renewal thing… if I want to buy a new phone just let me buy it and shut up! Hope it all works out for ya:)

  10. I totally crave fruit too. Fruit and nothing but fruit. But in the past few weeks, I've also been craving cream cheese, which is really weird since I didn't like it before I'm pregnancy.But most importantly – congrats on the second trimester!!!!!

  11. You look amazing! Sorry to hear about the cell phone(s).

  12. Cute picture of you two. Sorry about the phone issues. I would tell you to stop drinking if I didn't already know you had 🙂

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