The First Purchase

Is it just me, or is it incredibly difficult to not be a superstitious crazy person when it comes to buying pregnancy-related items? I wonder if all women feel like this, or just IFers?

That being said, my first baby purchase was a pretty major one. Scary.

As a reminder, I live in a tiny little town (pop < 1000) in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. We have dirt roads, very few sidewalks, and lots of great trails. I’m also hoping to get back into running post-baby. I was in the best shape of my life when I was a runner, and I want that back! The combination of these factors made me really want to invest in a good “off-roading” stroller instead of the typical Tar.get system.

For me, that meant going all-out and buying a BOB.

Yep, they’re expensive, but honestly, every single mother I know in this area swears by them. Those that started with knockoffs all eventually ended up caving and buying a BOB. The handling is just so much better, and they’re pretty awesomely suited to where I live.

When I was still fresh off my BFP (about 8w), our little town had its annual town-wide parking lot yard sale (you “rent” a 10’x10′ space to display your items in). Because we live surrounded by ritzy tourist communities and lots of outdoor enthusiasts who always want the latest gear, you can usually score some pretty amazing stuff at this sale. We walked in knowing that we needed a new oar for our raft ($150 new – we scored 3 barely used ones for $100 total!), and thanks to my superstitions, I was making a conscious decision to not walk by the stands carrying baby stuff.

Then my husband pointed out the stroller.

It was everything I wanted and more. It was a BOB. It was a Revolution. It had the handlebar console. It had a rain shield. It had a brand new seat cover system (not even installed yet) so my kiddo would basically be nestled in a brand new stroller. And get this…the lady selling it wanted just $235 cash for it.

To give you an idea of the awesomeness of this deal, check this out:

New BOB Revolution – $449
Infant Car Seat Adapter – $59
Handlebar console (to hold keys/drinks/etc) – $25
Weather shield – $55
New seat covers – $75

That’s $659 new for what I bought. Yes, I could have found an older model online for maybe $100 cheaper, but that’s about it. Believe me, I looked!! We ended up biting the bullet, buying the stroller, and making C’s parents roll it out under the guise of having bought it for when my nephew comes to visit. šŸ™‚

When I got home, I was so excited that I immediately took it out back and replaced the old, stained blue cover with the brand new, gender neutral, green cover.

So excited!!!


  1. I'm having my baby next week and I STILL worry about jinxing myself by buying baby stuff. No, it doesn't go away. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy things. Just try to enjoy it for now. And that stroller looks awesome! (Ha- we don't even have a stroller, so you're ahead of us in that aspect.)

  2. I want a BOB double stroller so badly! I have to try and convince my husband it is worth the money! You got SUCH a great deal! Lcky you!

  3. Wow – that is pretty fantastic! And I just love getting super deals like that. Nice work!!

  4. Wow, what a great deal!!! It sounds like the perfect stroller for your lifestyle!!!

  5. Wow! Great find šŸ™‚

  6. Superb savings!Love the stroller!

  7. Hi Josey! First time here! What a fantastic steal!! I hope someday I will own a stroller like yours. Congrats to you! =0)

  8. Congrats on your first purchase! What a great steal!!!!!

  9. I think thats great! There's going to be a ton of stuff to buy so why not start now and space it all out some. But I've been buying things since before I was pregnant šŸ™‚

  10. Hey..Congrats on your first of many I am sure!! That is exciting!

  11. Congrats! The BOB is a great stroller and you got it for a steal! We were gifted a ton of stuff but we did have to buy the stroller so don't feel bad if you don't get anything else for a while. People will come out of the woodwork to get you stuff so you don't even have to worry about jinxing yourself. Just enjoy every moment you can! šŸ™‚

  12. Love a great bargain! I'm impressed at the future workout the stroller represents! Good for you!!!

  13. What an amazing deal on the stroller! Even if you did change your mind, you could sell that thing for more than you paid for it and still come out ahead! But don't change your mind–it sounds like the right stroller for you. We just have the City Mini, which is kind of a jogger hybrid, but I love the way three sturdy wheels feels as opposed to four little ones.

  14. My BOB rocks. Definitely the best baby purchase I've made by far.

  15. that is amazing!! i hope i can find such a steal!! don't worry, you are not alone. it seems that the IFers and the Baby loss mom community share the same feeling of jinxing their pregnancies. i REFUSE to buy anything!! i figure i have everything i need from Rosie's baby shower, and she died 2 days later. I refuse to have a shower, and i refuse to buy something. i have at least 6-8 weeks before i can run after the baby is born b/c of the c-section, so that is when i will do all the purchases i need:-)

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