Snow? Seriously?

It is currently 38 degrees outside. That is COLD. Just down the road in the ski town I live by, it is SNOWING.

To make this clear, this is not normal for us. It has been in the 70-80s and beautiful here for weeks… and now it’s snowing. WTH?!?!

I just got a call from work (normally on Mondays I work the day shift at a local restaurant – on their rooftop). I fully assumed I’d have the day off (yay!), but it turns out two other ladies called in sick, so I’m getting moved to an interior floor. Good for money I guess, but I was looking forward to a day on the couch in my pajamas. 🙂


  1. It's cold and raining in Denver right now! Yuck!!!

  2. Perhaps you could send some of that precipitation down our way, my garden won't grow and we need it. Maybe a really large box would work.

  3. It's ultra cold here in Broomfield/Boulder as well. Drizzly and cloudy, and I'm in full-on layers with socks. I *never* wear socks.

  4. I call bullshit on mother nature. Snow at this point in the year is unacceptable! Good job bringing home the bacon (although if I thought I had a day of Lifetime movies ahead I would cry if it was snatched away from me). Stay warm.

  5. yeah it is supposed to be Bike to Work day down here in the flat lands, but it is raining non-stop until about 7pm tonight. Saved by the rain. Stay warm up there.

  6. 100 degrees in the southeast today! I'll stay here, but my dogs would love to be your way right now! They have a room with a/c but are happiest when there is snow on the ground:] Hope you get another pajama day soon!

  7. Fuck snow. That's all I have.

  8. Yuck! No more snow!

  9. wow snow, that sucks big time. thanks for the support today, hopefully i get great news in two weeks!

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