15 Weeks, and Totally Exhausted

Phew. I can’t believe how the weeks are just flying along! I’ve been working a ton, and I’m starting to get nervous about how much longer I’m going to be able to maintain doing doubles. Yesterday, for example, I from 10am-4pm I was waitressing on a 3rd story rooftop and running stairs all day (the bar & kitchen are on the main floor)…then from 4pm-11:30pm I was bartending across the street. I was seriously dragging by the end of the night, and when I crawled into bed at midnight, every bit of my body ached. Waking up on Thursdays is always a bit of torture for me. Ugh. At the same point, I feel like every extra shift I do, every extra dollar I make…that means more time with less stress for me to stay home with the baby one RockStar is here, you know? How do you find that balance?

Okay, on to the weekly update. 

*RockStar is 4″ long and weighs 2.5oz now (the size of a naval orange). Wow. I find myself holding my fingers 4″ apart all of the time and staring at them in disbelief…it’s honestly hard to believe that there’s a freakin’ human growing inside of me. 

*I weighed 164# this morning. Down 1# from last week, and up 3# overall. I’m guessing this is a combo of working a lot (hence lots of physical activity) + I’m pooping again!! Never thought I’d proclaim that on the world wide web. 🙂 Things still aren’t normal by any means, but I think the crazy amounts of water I’m drinking + fiber and physical activity are finally helping out the ole’ digestive system. I want to start some probiotics as well. 

Also, have I mentioned how crazy it is to me that my weight is staying so steady since the BFP (within about 5-6# at all times so far)? This pregnancy is only burning a couple hundred extra calories a day at this point, and for me, at least, it made me really realize how much more I can eat (and still easily maintain my weight) when I’m not drinking alcohol. That being said, I’m definitely not giving up alcohol for life. I like my cold beer and delicious wine! Off tangent again, I’m kind of excited to be a lightweight again post-baby. Considering 9 months of pregnancy + hopefully a year of breastfeeding = very little alcohol for nearly 2 years…phew…that’ll be interesting!

*Sleep is going so much better. I wake up around 5-6am and have to pee, but I’m generally sleeping pretty well between 10-6. This is working out well, except for the nights I bartend, because then I only sleep from about 12-6 and am dragging all day. Naps are my friend. 🙂

So yeah, life is pretty good right now. Most of my “symptoms” are just the standard, general stuff that is totally manageable. I actually feel less pregnant because I’m not nauseous, vomiting, and exhausted all day, every day. 

Ooooh – I have to mention this story. A random dude I waited on the other day came up to me after his meal, put his hand on my belly, and asked when I was due. 

Are you kidding me?!

My belly was bigger than this a year ago when I was depressed and eating/drinking my way through my feelings. Dude is lucky I (1) was actually pregnant, and (2) didn’t lose my shit. It totally stunned me, and I just mumbled something about Christmas. People are weird. 

Bottom line…I am so happy. So blessed. So filled with joy. I’m having a baby!

(I realize the pic is blurry this week. The camera was on a tripod, but apparently the auto-focus didn’t focus on me, and by the time I realized, I was tired and didn’t feel like redoing the pic. Ah well.)


  1. Wow that must take it out of you! I'm glad you are continuing to have less and less vomiting. I can't believe you are 15 weeks already. It's amazing how fast these weeks go by!

  2. I totally know how your body feels after those long hours, minus the pregnant part. I use to cocktail waitress after my full time job. That's the job I finally quit in May. I made awesome money but the work was hard. The trays were the size of a small dining table and the floor was huge to cover. Keep it up as long as you can, just listen to your body. And that is so weird a total stranger thinks they can just touch your body like that…pregnant or not. You look great!

  3. Could you stop looking so freaking cute please!! You seriously look adorable. 🙂

  4. Kind of random, but are you pretty tall? You look great for 163lbs.I'm 5'9 and before pregnancy, I felt comfortable and fit at 155. You are rocking the 163lbs baby or not!

  5. i don't know how you do it. i can barely handle one job sitting at a desk and i'm not even pregnant! ha ha! the dude seriously is lucky that you didn't go off on him. i'm not a touchy-feely person by any means and i'm terrified of having random people touch my belly when i'm pregnant.also, i gave you the overlord award on my blog. it's super fun and i'm sure you'll have some great rules to add!

  6. you look great!! 🙂 i hope you get tons of naps on those days you work doubles 🙂 sleep now…

  7. Maybe he just noticed your bodacious tatas or something?

  8. It looks like a baby belly, not a beer belly. But he (and his testicles) are lucky he was right because I would have kicked him in the balls.

  9. Balance…ha! I dunno what to say except listen to your body and when it's too much, it's too much. Don't completely overdo it – things will work out when RockStar is here. I think that guy would have had a hot drink in his lap if that were me… ;)Lookin' awesome, Momma!

  10. Hands off the belly dude! That would have creeped me out 🙂 I probably would have slapped it away…

  11. awe, you look great! I can't believe you are doing doubles, you are amazing. I can barely do them non-pregnant. But you're right the money will be worth it when the baby arrives.

  12. I had a feeling those stairs were gonna get you eventually. Just don't push yourself too hard! Glad to hear the symptoms are in check and you are feeling "normal."

  13. Definitely a real bump! Very cute! I was always pooped at the end of a 7-hour waitressing shift when I was in college–not pregnant by any means, and not running stairs! I don't know how you're doing it! That said, I had a decent amount of energy throughout the 2nd tri and into the 3rd. So maybe you can do it. Just keep a close eye on the fatigue levels and don't overdo it!And I also can't believe that guy was so bold! I was all ready for those awkward experiences, but I actually never had a stranger touch my belly, thankfully. You should have asked if you could touch his, too ;).

  14. 15 Weeks and Totally Beautiful. You're working so hard! I totally get that feeling of wanting to save up and be prepared. Just be sure to indulge in plenty of lovely naps. You deserve them. xo

  15. Dude, I totally would have looked at that guy, and been like "I'm not pregnant," and watched him squirm. Like seriously, who does that unless it's REALLY obvious that you're pregnant????

  16. I GOT MY COMMENTS BACK!!! Thanks for the tips Josey! And I love love love that you're feeling better, although tired. Are you friggin insane with your double shifts and stair work? You're the rockstar, lady. I feel like an F'ing whale. And I don't think the whole twin thing is the reason, I think I'm just a damn slacker now that I read what you're doing. And man, once those two years pass- I'm going to Vegas for the free cocktails for sure. I'll be having a GREAT time after about two. 🙂

  17. Ummm… How cute is your bump?!? I love it! Glad you are feeling better too!

  18. Ummm… How cute is your bump?!? I love it! Glad you are feeling better too!

  19. You are ridiculously adorable. That is all I have.

  20. You. Are. ADORABLE!

  21. Aww, you look amazing!! Your belly is adorable. So glad you are feeling better and better with each passing week. You deserve it, that's for sure! xo

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