16 Weeks, and Jumping Off the Plank Into Preggo Waters

*Rockstar is the size of an avocado (4.6″ and 3.5oz). An avocado! I like that. I like avocados. 🙂 Also, the kiddo can hear me this week. That is craaaazy to think about. I can’t feel movement yet, but that is definitely something I am looking forward to!

*I weighed 165.4# this morning
– up 1.4# from last week, and up 4.4# overall. I think that’s on the low end of normal for now, but I’m fine with that. I’m sure it will speed up soon, and I definitely look like I’ve gained more than that!

*Sleep – this is a weird one. Lately I toss and turn and wake up thinking about misc. baby needs, to-do lists, worries, etc. My low back is hurting quite a bit lately too (which is causing issues with sleep), so I’m going to get a massage from a friend of mine tomorrow to see if that helps anything. I’m hoping that between chiro and massage I can get my back under control, especially with all of the waitressing I’m doing during this pregnancy.

*Pimple-face. ‘Nuff said. Apparently my skin missed the “glowing pregnant lady” memo!
In other news, this week has been pretty … scary? I’m not sure what the right word is, honestly. It was full of changes that required me to sort of “face” being pregnant. I had another girlfriend loan me gads of maternity clothes, and since my clothes definitely aren’t fitting right anymore, I had to go through that big box and pull out a few items to wear now. That’s not so bad, but I look at the full-term clothing going WOW, I’m really going to get that big?!

Then yesterday, a neighbor of mine found out I was pregnant, and she emailed to say congrats and that she was getting rid of baby stuff today. It was pretty overwhelming, but at the same time it was such a great opportunity to score some free baby gear, so over to her house I went. Another local pregnant mama and I divvied up the spoils, and I came home with:

-A Baby Bjorn carrier
-A swing/cradle with mobile and music
-A travel sleeping system (super lightweight – lighter and smaller than my laptop bag!)
-A floor mat (play mat?). I don’t even know what the darn thing is called.
-2 bags of clothing, receiving blankets, etc.
-Newborn diapers & wipes (to get me through until cloth diapers fit).

How freakin’ awesome is that?! It was super generous of my neighbor, but I’m also kind of freaked out every time I walk upstairs and see everything sitting there.



  1. So sweet!!! I love all of your baby gear! You look amazing!!!

  2. You are too cute. It was really nice of your neighbor to give you that baby stuff. We have a travel sleep system. My friend said she loved it and it was a life saver when traveling or staying overnight somewhere.

  3. Wow, lucky girl! This all makes it seem so real. As if rockstar can hear you now..so cool 🙂

  4. So nice! Looks like you have some great stuff and now it's figuring out where it all goes and what it all does, lol. A good friend passed along her breast pump to me… now looking at that was a freaky moment!

  5. That's awesome that you scored all that stuff for free! I think that's the same swing we asked for and they aren't cheap. Hope the massage does wonders for your back!

  6. You look great. I keep looking at your pictures and comparing them to when I was at your stage in pregnancies, and we it's been pretty spot on so far.I didn't gain a lot of weight until I hit mid second trimester, but now it's packing on like whoa. 🙁 If I'm not careful, I'm definitely going to go over the 25-35lbs mark.

  7. Aw you look great!!!And that is fantastic about the baby gear!! You're saving hundreds of dollars, seriously 🙂

  8. Yay for maternity clothes and baby gear!!!! Lookin great, Josey!!!

  9. You look great 🙂 that is an awesome neighbor you have!!

  10. Umm…you are freaking preganant!! AAAAAHHHHH!! You must be having all sorts of feelings (scared shitless, excited, nervous, hungry :). The bottom line is that you ARE pregnant, you do look cute as can be, and this is all going to end with a baby in your arms. I just couldn't be more excited for you.

  11. You look great Jos. I heard that babies who wear cloth diapers will wet the bed longer because "they are used to the feeling of being wet".. what do you think about that? I'm a true story to that.

  12. Also – how do I make it so my photo comes up by my post?

  13. You look so cute! So nice of them to give/loan you all that stuff. You'll really be prepared for future pregnancy with all those clothes.

  14. Take any and all things offered to you! We got so much stuff and we're so lucky! The play gym is a life saver and the swing! Yes, two very major components to baby happiness. Lucky lady. And FYI you look HOT mama!

  15. You look fantastic! A couple things:1. My back KILLED until I got one of those massive (and massively annoying) Bobby pregnancy pillows that wraps around your body. It worked the very first night so I never looked back. (Ha get it? back)2. Supposedly if you don't have the pregnancy glow and things like "pimple face" as you call it, pop up (get it? pop – man I'm on a roll this morning :), then you're having a girl. They are supposed to suck out all your beauty and estrogen or whatever.We'll see : )

  16. Hi Josey,I've just found your site and so glad that I did, I wish I found it earlier! I'm a fellow IF trying to concieve my first. It's been a year and a half – hopefully not much longer. I am so happy for you and can't wait to watch your experience since we seem to have a lot in common. 🙂

  17. SCORE!!! It is pretty freaky at first, but you'll get used to it. 🙂

  18. Sweet! You got some good stuff in there;)

  19. You look so cute with your little belly! Thanks for your kind words on my blog this week…I am stuck between "disbelief" and "toatal anxiety". You are almost half-way there – yay! Glad you got some good stuff, too.

  20. Dang, look at all that fun stuff! I'm going garage sailing with a girlfriend of mine who's two weeks ahead of me. She's got no reservations about shopping this early, but I have to say – it freaks me out a little too. At the same time, I think it's important that we make ourselves just a little uncomfortable for the sake of celebrating our unbelievably huge blessing. Know what I mean? 🙂

  21. Wow, what's the name of the travel sleeping system? That sounds awesome! You will definitely love the swing and activity mat–I have the exact same mat, and Brax loves it.You're looking very cute! I think I broke out more during the first half of my pregnancy, but then things evened out and I did have great skin that was not nearly as dry as it usually is. Then it became a desert after I gave birth, but that's another story :).

  22. Pretty good score for free! That is so nice of your neighbor! You look great!

  23. so good to see you. I think you are having a girl. my daughter sucked everything from me and i had tons of pimples. you look great. don't worry about the weight. it will pack on at the end. everything is fine. you are going to be a great mommy very soon.

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