Probably all irrational fears, I know, but still real…

I’m still not gaining weight. Who knew I’d complain about that? As of this morning I was down a bit from last Thursday again… that freaks me out, what if it’s because the baby stopped growing?

I haven’t felt the baby move yet (16w5d). I know that not everyone feels it this early, but because of the point above, I’m getting freaked out.

I feel so much better. No puking. Rare nausea. Just tired, but I’m also working a ton, so I’m afraid it’s just because of work.

I haven’t been to the midwife in nearly three weeks, and I still have another week to go. What if we go to MN this weekend, share our happy news, and then find out bad news right when we get back?

Kinda freakin’ out here…


  1. It's hard not to be scared until you can feel the baby move and know that he/she is in there and doing ok. That's why I loved my doppler, any time I felt scared I just listened to her heart and felt better. I bet the weight loss is because of working so much, try not to worry!

  2. I agree with Bridget. You're moving around so much with your job, and not drinking anymore..so I think those are two huge factors. You'll regret those words in a few months when you start gaining a pound/week!Easier said than done, I know..but try to think positively and replace your worry with excitement. Look at your belly! The baby is growing 🙂

  3. We're neck and neck as far as our pregnancies go…I haven't really gained any weight either. I've fluctuated up and down 3 lbs since the start. Yesterday when I weighed myself, I was back down to the weight of my first OB appt.You're not alone. After my bleeding episodes, I've been on pins and needles worrying. I think I might have felt movement, but then I wonder if it's just gas. With everything we've gone through to get to this point, it's perfectly understandable we're a little on the paranoid side.I have an appointment with my Dr on Thursday, maybe I'll find out some info to share with you.

  4. I am sure things are ok. Baby is still small at this point. Not even 1lb yet. I didn't feel movement with my first pregnancy until I was about 22 weeks. It's is very normal to worry so don't feel bad. Now that your a Mom you will worry about EVERYTHING!!! After you have the baby you will worry if he/she is eating enough, pooping & peeing enough. Are they sleeping enough or maybe even too much. Worry is all Mommas do!

  5. I'm sorry you have to worry…I know it can make you go out of your mind. Any chance you can get in somewhere for a quick ultrasound to calm your fears? Trust your body…look how great it's been doing so far.

  6. Sorry you feel so scared..it makes sense since you can't feel the baby moving yet..Surely the weight gain thing is from being on your feet at work, I am sure it will pick up! I hope you can get some peace of mind!

  7. *hug* I am sure everything is fine. I do think it's worth it to see if you can get in for a quick u/s just to keep you from worrying so much. I don't have many people around me IRL to check with, but my mom told me she lost weight while pregnant with me all the way up until her 3rd trimester. My best friend went through the same thing. I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of weight gain. Try to stay away from the Googler and enjoy your time in MN.

  8. I didn't feel Gracie FOR.EV.ER. Then all of sudden I was like "Oh! That's her moving? I've been feeling that for a while!" :)I'd say try not to worry, but once you can feel him or her moving, you start to worry that you're not feeling her enough. OMG I haven't felt her move in minutes/hours/days!Your little Rockstar is doing great 🙂

  9. 16w5d seems on the early side to feel rockstar move, especially since you're a first time Mom. I'm in the middle of my first pregnancy (22w4d) and was certain that my baby's movement was actually my baby around 20 weeks. My OB says 20-22 weeks for first time moms is normal.It's so hard not to worry, but I bet everything's fine! And I'm sure your increased activity with working so much is causing the lack of weight gain. As long as you are taking time to eat well, the weight will come.

  10. Everyone has it right that not gaining weight is not a big deal for all the reasons listed. But then, you know that. 🙂 Which is why I agree with manymanymoons' suggestion – call your baby doctor people and plead for a fit-you-in quick U/S or whatever it is that shows you all is well. I'll pay for it. Seriously. Money means absolutely nothing compared to peace of mind. I cannot WAIT for you and C and everyone to be here in Minnesota, and I would love for you to be comfortable and joyful in the knowledge that all is well. xxlove youMom

  11. I didn't feel Maggie until 18 weeks and even then, it was like one little bitty kick. It's totally normal and lucky not to gain anything until the midway point. You'll make up for it! You're also changing eating/drinking habits and you were so sick for awhile – your body takes awhile to catch up and reflect that weight loss/gain.I also felt great starting around 10 weeks and freaked out from time to time, but try not to worry! Everything is fine!

  12. After your 14 week scare you're allowed to be on pins and needles. Go and call your midwife and get an ultrasound for peace of mind. Now. Go. And then sit back and revel in the fact that you're such a rocking hot pregnant lady that you're not getting too big too fast. 🙂

  13. Oh, but I wanted to add I had a similar freak out at 14 weeks – I just knew my baby was gone. I called my doctor and she let me come in for a U/S just to calm my fears. Maybe you can do that. It's their job afterall!

  14. No advice here, since I've never been pregnant, but it sure seems you are already a loving and caring mother. Rockstar is going to be just fine. Friends of mine who were especially sick with morning sickness didn't gain wait for quite a while. I agree with everyone else, call your midwife. Part of their job is helping to calm your irrational fears. :)Take care!

  15. Be thankful you are feeling good at this point girl! This is the best part of it and any day now you will start to feel your baby move. Of course everyone is different, but I didn't start to feel the slightest of movement until 18 weeks so you still have some time. I know it's easier said than done though not to worry…

  16. Deep breaths sweetie, deep breaths. Everything is just fine I am sure. You aren't gaining weight because you are hiking up and down 3 flights of stairs a zillion times a day. Just relax.

  17. All of your fears and worry are completely natural. My sisters felt the same with their first pregnancies. My oldest sister is tall and has a hard time gaining weight with her pregnancies – in fact, with her second pregnancy, she *lost* weight (and she was already thin to begin with). It was largely due to stress and working so much, but she gave birth to a very healthy, very lively boy!Is there any way that you can get an earlier appointment with your midwife? Although I'm sure you're just fine, it may help to set your mind at ease and lay some fears to rest — and you deserve that!

  18. I hope your fears subside, but I think you are fine! You are just feeling better because you are in the second trimester!

  19. I am 16 weeks 2 days with twins and if makes you feel better, I also have not gained any weight. I am down 8 pounds from my start weight. Scary, I keep thinking I have two babies growing and my belly is growing but why am I loosing weight. I dont think its anything we are doing wrong and my Dr told me that its normal. They would worry in a few weeks if I wasnt gaining at least a pound of week is what she stated would be normal. It will come 🙂

  20. I have just now started feeling some movement at 18 weeks. I've used my doppler every night but the fears are still so hard to keep away at times. I'm sure things are fine and you're just feeling better in the 2nd trimester and have had a lot of distractions with work. I wish we could see what was going on in there!!!

  21. Freak outs = totally normal! Just try not to let it run your life too much and you'll feel so much better! I didn't feel movement until well into my 17th week (and it was a flick here or there) and then it wasn't regular until 20 weeks.(New follower from http://jetsjourney.blogspot.com)

  22. I felt this way too when I was waiting for my 20 week appointment. It is too early for you to feel movement yet for sure and I'm guessing the no weight gain is b/c you're working so much.Hang tight, trust that all is going great w/ your LO (because it is!!!), and hold on til you feel movement daily. That's such great reassurance and it's coming so soon!

  23. I know how you feel! It's definitely normal for you not to gain weight steadily every week, and it would actually be surprising if you had already felt movements!If you're really freaking out, is it worth it to visit the midwife and get a quick doppler check before you leave? Or is that too much of a hassle? I know it would have been a huge deal if I had tried to do that with my practice, but others seem to have more flexible doctors/midwives.

  24. How am I just now seeing this post?? I freaked out about my lack of weight gain too! In fact, just blogged about it. Apparently it's completely normal so we can consider ourselves lucky but I totally understand being worried. I'm glad you bumped your appointment up!

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