Handyman Hubby

Have I ever mentioned how much I love that I have a Handyman Hubby? 🙂 He didn’t have any work last week, and instead of sitting around moping about it, he decided to do some work on the house. Now I have…

*New wooden back steps (to replace the old concrete step that had sunk and created a massive 13″ drop out the back door!

*New siding in the front up top where backed up snow/ice had caused water damage and rotting.

*A fresh coat of stain on the entire house! He pressure washed/scraped/sanded the rest of the house…

…and is in the midst of re-staining now!

Eventually want to save up the money to do a major overhaul on the home and do stucco and stone on the exterior, but since that will probably cost us around $20k, in the meantime we figured we should take care of what we have.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work honey!!


  1. So impressed!! Gregg hangs pictures really well.

  2. That's a very nice husband! Can you send him my way next? 🙂

  3. YAY for handyman husbands!My husband can….play video games. Does that count? 😉

  4. I am sooo jealous! My husband is not handy or proactive in doing any kind of house or yard work. He is wonderful, just not in that way!Count your blessings on that!!!

  5. Isn't it soooo nice to live with someone who can take a project from start to finish and is actually motivated to do it. We are lucky girls for sure! BTW – The house looks awesome!

  6. I have a wonderful handyman husband as well. He spent his entire vacation last week building a playset for my daycare kids! :)Your house looks great!

  7. Jealous! I am the handy one around here… :\

  8. By the time you get here we should *hopefully* have our yard/patio/exterior project done and E did a ton of it himself. I love having a handy hubby too!

  9. What a sweetheart! I bet it feels so good to get these things done with Rockstar on the way. It's hubby's form of nesting. Awesome! Your house is so lovely.

  10. awesome! he is so efficient.

  11. I'm very impressed! Your house is beautiful. Mine is stucco, we can switch. haha.

  12. It's kind of sexy when our men take on projects like that, isnt it? Yay, for husbands who are awesome and manly 🙂

  13. My husband can…call someone else to come in and do the work. Good to have a hard worker atound

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