Just one of those days…

My husband and I really do not have the best of luck with flights
whenever we travel together, and by that, I mean it is always a
constant shit show of delayed flights, misconnects, sleeping in
airports (usually on our anniversary), and spending way to much money
at Lefty's Mile High bar in Concourse B.

Well, maybe that last one is our own fault…
At any rate, so far today American Airlines can suck it. Their desk
agent is officially an unhelpful ass (even my easy-going husband
agrees with me on this!), and their reservations guy that I called
directly who told me we were now United's problem is almost more so.

Basically, this morning at 9am while checking in, they informed us
that we were not supposed to fly out until tomorrow….turns out our
connecting flight from DFW to MSP was cancelled without any
notification to us, and they somehow assumed that getting us in
TOMORROW night instead would be okay. Um, no.

After three hours of phone calls and arguing, we got transferred onto
a United flight that they KNEW would misconnect in Denver, and then
when we went to the United desk, we ran into a Godsend…aka, the wife
of a work friend was the desk agent, and she somehow got us onto an
earlier flight out so that we could make the DEN-MSP flight. Now we
are in Denver hoping to get on a standby flight out at 3:30 instead of
8:20 so that dinner tonight with Oak can be salvaged.

*fingers crossed!*


  1. Oh man. Good luck! And let's all hope this is just a phase in your life and when Rockstar shows up, you won't have any more flight problems. B/C I can tell you from experience, flight delays with an infant can bring tears to EV.ERY.ONE.

  2. sometimes air travel sucks… I hope you get to your dinner….have a wonderful weekend…And for my weekend getaway…I'm driving 🙂

  3. Ahhh good luck! I hate when flight stuff gets messed up! It's never good 🙂 Hope you get to have dinner with your friend tonight!

  4. I hope your travel ended up better than it started! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

  5. that is why I hate traveling by airline. for so much money, they should be providing a better service. it is not like the buslines that dont get much per tickets. we just drive every where if we can. well, hopefully you get where you need to be and had a great weekend.

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