Pool Time!

In order to enjoy this with my family last weekend…

I definitely needed a new one of these…

It felt pretty weird to wear a one-piece, but all of my bikinis 
(1) make my current belly/booty look fat instead of pregnant, and 
(2) do not fit my boobs whatsoever.
It was 100 degrees (with 110 degree heat index) at my parent’s place on Sunday/Monday, 
…so the pool was basically where all of our time together was spent. So great to spend time with the fam! 


  1. The bathing suit is awesome! Kinda retro which I love. Looks like an awesome weekend with the fam 🙂

  2. That looks soooo refreshing. I've been trying to get into the pool as much as possible.And your bathing suit is tres adorable. When I went preggo bathing suit shopping, my options were tankinis, tankinis and more tankinis.

  3. you look adorable!I miss MN :)it's disgustingly humid here too 🙂

  4. So cute, Josey! I have the same suit and I love it 🙂 I hope you continue to enjoy your family time!

  5. Ugh- I just bought a new bikini (much larger than my old ones) because I couldn't find a preggo suit section at the store I was at (and I was tired and swelling and wanted to go home…). But, unfortunately- there's no way in hell I'm gonna wear that thing in front of anyone by my hubs cuz man have these boobs gone "girls gone wild" on me. Sigh. I like yours- maybe I need to make the trek to a real maternity store and get one. My pool is calling me as the swelling starts to creep in.

  6. I love the one at the bottom where we all gathered for the picture, fun!

  7. Cute suit!

  8. LOVE pool time with the family! 🙂 You look so cute

  9. You are so stinking cute! It's disgusting. In a very good way. I wish my pregnant belly looked like that. Right now I just look like I drank a lot of beer and ate 5 cakes.

  10. I too did a lot of swimming over the weekend (the heat here is just as bad). I thankfully could still fit in a tankini top so the bump just stuck out a bit.

  11. I got a pregnancy suit for my birthing pool…we all know how that turned out. But I still ended taking the tags off and wearing it after pregnancy since my boobs are still ginormous. Yay for spandex

  12. Lookin good in the suit! And isn't the crazy hot weather insane? The only thing you can do to keep you somewhat comfortable is jump in that nice pool! Stay cool!

  13. Your suit looks so chic! Love it! And am jealous of all the time in the pool…though it's cooled off to a paltry high of 95 down here in SoColorado. 🙂

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