18 weeks, Heartburn, and Movement

*RockStar is now the size of a sweet potato (5.6″ and 6.7oz). That blows my mind. Am I going to think that every week when I see his/her size?!

*I’m starting to feel little pops of movement every couple of days! I’m hoping it’s more distinct and easily noticeable soon. So exciting!!!

*I weighed in at 168.0# this morning – up 3.6# from last week, up 7# overall. I’m guessing the sudden jump is from all of the traveling and random eating from the past week causing some leftover bloat. I’m hoping that number levels out for the next couple of weeks, but in reality I know that gaining 7# by week 18 is not bad at all.  It still kinda creeps me out every time I look in the mirror and see the growing belly staring back at me. I’m excited that it’s starting to become more of a distinct bump, but it’s still weird to think there’s a little human in there!

*The new fun pregnancy symptom of the week is heartburn. Have I ever mentioned that I’ve never had heartburn before, so I actually didn’t know what it was when I first started getting it?! My husband (who has often lived with a bottle of Tums near him at all times) thought that was funny. Me, not so much!
*Names are HARD to pick out. See the looks of confusion on our faces in this pic? That’s because my family was tossing out baby names and we were saying yes/no/yes/no. This kid is stuck with that name for the rest of his/her LIFE. That’s pressure people! So far girl names have been much easier to agree on than boy names. We shall see… 


  1. You look great! Carrying high already. 🙂 I think it's a girl, and not just because of the high thing… so glad you are feeling movement how!

  2. You look great! Yay for movement but boo for the heartburn! Hopefully it doesn't hang around too long on you. Good luck with the names. It is such a heavy responsibility!!!

  3. Yay for movement!! Girl names were so easy for us. Boy names however were really hard. Will you guys be finding out what you are having? If so, can't wait to hear!! 🙂

  4. Looking GREAT! So exciting that you are feeling movement!!! I am ALREADY getting heartburn and I've never had it before either! It's going to be a long 9 months…ha!!!

  5. Yay! 🙂 Maybe it's a girl since you are having an easier time picking girl names?! We had a bunch of boy names we liked and only a couple girl names, and now we are getting our boy. Hmmm

  6. You are so tiny!! The heartburn definitely sucks – I have only had it a few times also and it freaks me out! Good luck picking a name – you'll come up with the perfect one!

  7. Good luck with the names…NOT easy that's for darn tootin'. Yous one hot pregnant lady.

  8. you look great! i keep meaning to tell you this, but seriously, you have awesome arms!

  9. I want to poke you in the belly. B/c you're the only pregnant lady I feel comfortable doing that to.Love you!!(PS, I still think it's a girl, as I have since you first told me you were having a baby. I think Ann is a GREAT middle name. Just sayin'. 🙂 ).

  10. You look gorgeous!!!I remember exactly when Gracie was the size of a sweet potato. I got my BabyZone email about it when we had two little boys over (13 and 6). The 13-year-old thought it was fascinating and the 6-year-old looked at me like I had effing lost my mind! 🙂

  11. Acid reflux… never had it until pregnancy, not complaining but not fun either! Names are very hard, good luck! I'm just one week ahead and will feel more movement one day and then less the next, and I'm loving it when it does happen. Btw, I'm thinking you'll need a girl name:]

  12. Such a fun update, though I'm sorry about the heartburn! So glad that your little one is moving around! I agree… girls names are so much easier! I used to think boys names were – that is, until we got serious on settling on a name!

  13. I was the same way with the heartburn–it didn't feel the way I always thought heartburn felt like! And I'd never seen the value of Tums before but started carrying the bottle in my purse by the 3rd tri. You look fantastic! Good luck with the names–it is very tough. We had so much trouble agreeing on a boy's name that I'm a little nervous about what's going to happen if we ever have another boy–I think we found the only name we both liked!

  14. We started thinking of names too and I tweeted the other day that I think agreeing on a name is the single most difficult thing we'll do during this pregnancy! It's SO hard!I've not felt anything I can distinguish as movement but everytime something happens in there I wonder if it's movement.

  15. Adorable baby bump! Gosh, names ARE hard. So envious of those gals who have had their boy/girl names picked out since childhood! I know you'll pick the perfect name to replace Rockstar!

  16. Awe, you look great. So exciting about movements, that is awesome!! Names are hard you're right they do live with them for the rest of their lives. Good Luck!!

  17. The movement was my absolute favorite part of being pregnant. and that part just gets cooler and cooler as the baby gets bigger.I agree that boy names are hard. For us, A was a family name, to come up with T, we downloaded the top 1000 names list fom social security, went through separately and marked those we would be okay with, came up with our list in common (surprisingly small!) and then ranked them from there.

  18. You look amazing! Rockstar will be here before you know it!

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