19 weeks, and My Snoogle = Love

Over the past couple of months, I have woken up with increasing amounts of back pain and hip pain, and I toss and turn all night. After yet another sleepless night last week (and a serious discussion with my husband about having to maybe sleep in separate beds!) I finally broke down and bought a Snoogle, and OMFG what was I waiting for?! The last two nights have been the best nights of sleep I’ve had in ages. Try it. You’ll like it. 
In other news, I’m 19 weeks. HFS! 

*Rockstar is the size of a large heirloom tomato or a mango (6″ long and weighing in at 8.5oz!). I just realized that I never got around to taking my belly pic with the food last week (a sweet potato). Oops. πŸ™

*I weighed in at 166.5# this morning (down 1.5# from last week – to be expected from traveling – and up 5.5# overall). My butt, belly, and breasts have definitely continued to grow though. Yikes! It definitely seems like my belly has “popped” a bunch in the past week. I just look more pregnant in my clothes.

*This was my first week of working a slightly modified schedule.
I’ve been serving on the 3rd story rooftop of a brewery Mon/Tues/Wed and then bartending Wed/Sat nights at a steakhouse, but the Wednesday doubles were starting to kill me. We can’t afford for me to just drop a shift, so instead I switched and worked on the brewery mid-level yesterday so that I’m not running so many stairs on my 13-14 hr day. I was still exhausted last night driving home at 11:30pm, but it was so much more manageable!

*You guys cracked me up with your vacuuming comments. Just FYI, I love freshly cleaned floors, it’s just a matter of dragging the vacuum out in the first place (not to mention dragging it up and down stairs). We actually have a Roomba as well..I just need to figure out what’s wrong with it, and for some reason I haven’t troubleshooted it yet. Oops. Also, I got home from work yesterday, and my husband had randomly decided to vacuum the floors and clean the kitchen. WTH? I’ll take it!! 

*Prayers would be welcomed for one of my closest friends here in CO. She’s the one who got pregnant the same week as me back in April (she has severe endo and had been TTC since last summer), but she ended up miscarrying just a few days later. Last week she found out she’s pregnant again, and her first u/s is next Tuesday (at 5w6d). Hoping and praying for a sticky baby this time!


  1. Thanks for sending me the link on that body pillow, the one I've been using hasn't worked that great. Your baby belly is growing and looking so cute!! Prayers to your friend!

  2. Your husband will start to hate that pillow by the end of it, but who cares! πŸ™‚ It's amazing.And before I read that you thought you had popped, I thought it looking at the picture. So cute!!!!!!

  3. Ugh, the back pain. My Snoogle definitely helps, but not completely. I've noticed that not sitting up in bed or on squishy couches helps a great deal. Alas, I still look like a 90 year old lady getting out of my car…Hooray for 19 weeks!

  4. I just got caught up on the last few posts, and I wanted to say congrats on the 19 weeks. I am so happy that this is a part of your journey. I too hate vacuuming, it blows but really doesn't all cleaning?

  5. Gimme:) I so want one of those! πŸ™‚ And yay for 19 weeks! That definitely calls for a "HFS!" πŸ™‚

  6. Gimme:) I so want one of those! πŸ™‚ And yay for 19 weeks! That definitely calls for a "HFS!" πŸ™‚

  7. I'm glad to hear that you modified your work schedule. You may feel like you can still do things like normal, but you'll be surprised how much they will start affecting you. Your biggest job right now is growing that healthy little babe – and the pillow…I thought it looked so big and awkward but not I can totally see how it would help you sleep. Glad it's working for you!

  8. I always wished I would've bought one of those pillows. I ended up just sleeping with about 4 surrounding me and it worked, but one big one would've been better.You've looking great! Congrats on 19 weeks! You're almost 1/2 way there!

  9. I am right there with you on the Snoogle! I was so glad when I finally started using it! And now that I'm 26 weeks, I have to add the Boppy wedge pillow to go under that belly that keeps growing. And my hubby hates it, but he works nights so we rarely have to be in bed together. Funny thing though, I went in the room while he was sleeping the other day, and he's cuddled up to it!!! Made me smile!

  10. What is that movie where the husband throws away the snoogle? So funny. I told my husband about these and he said if I get one then he gets one too. Somehow I don't think both of us and two snoogles will fit in our bed!You're almost halfway there! Yay!

  11. 19 weeks?! HFS is right!! So glad you figured out a way to sleep comfortably. After working as much as you do, you deserve it. You look amazing Jos!

  12. Well, YAY for a good nights sleep! you look adorable pregnant! Glad your work schedule got a little more manageable for you too!

  13. I was JUST debating whether to buy one but thoought the $70 price tag was a lot ..you've convinced me to go get one now. Thanks!

  14. 19 weeks…WTF!!! I know it's happening to you and not me so this statment is going to seem crazy, but it doesn't even seem real. I wanted this for you so badly and am so happy that something I (and many others I might add) wished for you is actually freaking happening. Gives a girl hope. πŸ™‚

  15. i just bought a snoogle on amazon and i'm anxiously awaiting its arrival. i'm almost 6 weeks and my breasts just hurt so much and i keep rolling over onto my stomach which makes it worse. i'm hoping this will help and will work out down the road. i'm really glad to hear that you like yours!!

  16. is that pillow not heaven. My mom and sister bought it for me when I found out I was pregnant at like 8 weeks and I have used it since. It really has saved me from allot of uncomfortable nights of sleep. Although, it does put a space between hubby and I which I dont care for πŸ™

  17. My back starting torturing me at 18 weeks and didn't let up until 24ish weeks. I had heard about the Snoogle but I thought it was to costly so I compromised with two body pillows. It was just alright. Looking back, I wish I'd have splurged on the pillow. Sleep is a precious commodity as a new mom, I should've done everything possible to get amazing, restful sleep while I was pg. LOL BTW…you're looking amazing!!!

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