20 weeks, HFS We’re Halfway There!

*RockStar is the size of a banana (6.5″ head to bottom, 10″ head to heel, weighing in at 10.5 oz). Wow, wow, wow. I hadn’t really thought about the fact that the size measurements are only from head to bottom (butt) in the first half of pregnancy, so to realize the kiddo is actually 10″ long now head to heel… wow!!

*I still don’t feel regular movement, but the other night I was poking my belly and could make the kid kick back, which I thought was pretty awesome. My husband, on the other hand, thought it was a bit sadistic. Quit poking the baby!  🙂 The u/s tech told me today that I have an anterior placenta running up the middle/right of my belly, so I’ll probably feel steady movement a bit later than most.

*I weighed in at 167.5″ this morning (up 1# from last week, up 6.5# overall). The midwife said to expect to gain an average of 1#/week the rest of this pregnancy, which would put me right around the 25-30# gain mark. My belly measured at 19 weeks, which was just fine. They look for the number to be within 3cm of the week I’m in.

*The u/s was super duper cool. It was amazing to watch her measure everything from the fluid in the brain to the size of the kidneys. She told me multiple times that our kiddo couldn’t have posed any better for the pictures…I said s/he gets that from her Mommy’s side. 🙂 It would have been easy to find out the gender because of the way RockStar was positioned, but we held strong and didn’t find out. Yikes!! 20 more weeks until we know now.

*Rockstar measured at 20w4d overall, so they’re fine with keeping my due date the same (not surprising, since we know the moment of insemination!). His/her heartbeat was about 150 this time (it was in the 160s at 14w and 17w). They said it’s normal for heartbeats to get slower as the baby grows.

Without further ado, here are a few pics of our little RockStar!!!

*Also, thank you for all of your support for Beeker’s Mom. Everyone in the ALI community knows that this is such a hard journey that we all go through to become parents, and the support of others who can empathize is so helpful.

*Thank you also for the prayers for my CO friend with endo who found out last week that she’s pregnant again (after one, and probably two early m/c). She had her first u/s on Tuesday and all was good – 1 gestational sac with a HB of 105bpm, measuring 6w2d (3 days ahead). She and her husband are cautiously optimistic that this one will stick!


  1. I found out that the best surprise in the world is finding out what sex your baby is the moment it is born. I'm not finding out next time. You and your baby are beautiful.

  2. Rockstar is beautiful! And momma is also looking fabulous these days. So happy for you!

  3. I don't know how you can wait to find out if it's a boy or girl! I couldn't stand it 🙂 Do you have a feeling one way or the other? You look great!

  4. How you can stand waiting I will never know, but good for you for doing it! I teared up looking at the ultrasound pic. What a cutie he/she is going to be.

  5. that's a good looking kid you got there! :)i'm impressed you are waiting on gender. i wish i had the strength to do so.

  6. Wow..Congrats on 20 weeks! You look great! Beautiful baby pics!

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  8. Great pictures! How exciting 🙂 You are looking great!

  9. 20 weeks? What? This is crazy talk…..although it kind of makes sense since I am 10 days away from having a 5 month old HFS is right!You're so strong for not finding out the sex. Whew. Now it is anyone's game.

  10. WOW… I can't believe you are already 20 weeks!!! Pregnancy looks beautiful on you. I am impressed by your self control… I'm dying to know what you are having!!!!

  11. Now I'm feeling a bit silly for finding a $35 u/s place JUST to find out the gender… seriously impressed with your desire to let the gender be a surprise:] You look great! A big woo-hoo for halfway!

  12. Adorable pics of the baby! You're doing great! I think it's awesome you're waiting to find out the sex. 🙂

  13. Look at that cute little baby, cant believe we are already half way there. Seems like we had just started posting about 1st trimester. You have such a cute (tiny) belly. I feel mine is ginormous compared to yours….

  14. Rock star is soooo precious!:) I can not believe you are strong enough to be "gender surprised!!!! I love the idea myself, but there is NO way we will be able to do it with this pregnancy – we HAVE to know for our first baby:) You look GREAT, by the way!

  15. Congratulations on making it to the halfway point!!! So happy for you!

  16. You are gorgeous! And so is Rockstar! I cannot believe you have the ability to hold out until birth to find out Rockstar's gender! I applaud you, my friend. Happy half way point!

  17. What a milestone! Raise the HFS flags!! 🙂 Your baby looks adorable already.

  18. You are definitely looking pregnant and adorable!!! Cool pics of Rockstar….I can't believe you aren't finding out the sex! That is admirable…I'll be finding out as soon as possible…hehehe!!!!

  19. You just look adorable. Pregnancy "glow" just doesn't cut it – you look radiant!

  20. I don't know if I'd be ble to hold out on knowing th sex. You both look so cute!

  21. you look great!! 🙂

  22. I just stumbled across your blog, and we are days apart.. I'm due December 20th with my first baby boy after several miscarriages.. Congrats, and good luck!! I look forward to following you.. My blog is:www.3gsinapod.blogspot.com

  23. You are so cute! and so is your little rockstar! We know so much about the exactness and science behind the conception of our ART babies, it will be nice to hold out for a little surprise at the end!

  24. You are so strong for not finding out the sex! It will be such a great surprise for you on your delivery day. Everything sounds like it's going wonderfully!

  25. It kind of makes me laugh and feel old when everybody comments on your choice of not finding out what the sex of the baby is. 🙂 I never had a single ultrasound for any of you five kids and the idea of knowing the sex of the baby was not even on my radar screen. The pictures are amazing. Somewhere along the line RockStar started looking pretty human! What a joy to know everything is progressing as it should. The TTC world is filled with intense emotions. I just want all these wonderful women (and their partners) to experience the joy that comes with an "all is well" U/S. Lord knows you've all earned it.These next 20 weeks will fly by, JJ. Savor them. love you.

  26. I can't believe you're already half way there!!! AHHH!!You look so good Josey 🙂 Those pics of rockstar are unreal..there really is a little human in there! I would be poking him/her too, that must be the coolest feeling ever.

  27. I'm so glad your appt went well!! Here to 20 weeks down and 20 to go 🙂 I haven't felt but one possible kick and my doctor told me yesterday I also have an anterior placenta.

  28. Those u/s pictures are really great. Mine weren't that clear. Congrats on hitting the 20 week mark! You're too frickin cute!

  29. halfway already!! Congrats!!!

  30. Yay for halfway! We aren't going to find out the gender either …and I'll admit I've been trying the poking method for feeling the baby too 🙂

  31. […] with myself. I was a bloated 168# this morning – that’s about the same as when I was 20 weeks pregnant. I looked and felt great then. Not so much now. A year ago this week I was 4w post-partum and […]

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