Roller Coaster of Emotions

This week has been full of emotional ups and downs, so this is going to be a bullet point list of things going on in people’s lives around me this week. 

*M (IRL friend) got to see a heartbeat at her first u/s … hoping and praying for a full-term healthy pregnancy for her this time (after 2 m/c). It’d be so awesome to have kiddos only three months apart in age and in the same grade in school!

*Krista found out at her 9w u/s that one of the triplets had quit growing, but babies B and C are both doing great. This is a mixed blessing for sure, but hopefully it will allow for a healthier, easier pregnancy for both mama and babes.

*Jessica is on bed rest at 7w with twins because of a subchorionic hematoma in her uterus. Praying it heals up quickly on its own. Luckily both babes are currently doing well.

*Rachel‘s beta number quit rising after a surprise BFP.

*Beeker’s Mom lost her twins at 17w. So awful.

*Sarah is still stuck in inconclusive hell regarding the state of her pregnancy. That doc had better call her STAT this morning to fill her in. 

*I got to see my baby growing and healthy yesterday. That was awesome and the highlight of my week.

*Following the awesomeness of the u/s, I had to carry a dying puppy to its owner. Long story, but basically I was standing next to my car about to get in and I watched an adorable little puppy run out into the busy street in front of me. He looked something like this. 

Bitch that hit him didn’t even hit her brakes (and I saw her face, she KNEW she hit him). He was laying in the middle of the lane, wagged his tail twice, and laid still, which absolutely broke my heart. I ran out to see if he had a chance (and to keep any other vehicles from hitting him). The next car moved to the other lane and the car behind that just came to a dead stop so that I could grab the pup. I picked up his collar (which had been knocked off) and then him… I didn’t want to cause more damage, but I couldn’t leave him there. I walked to the sidewalk and a little boy ran up – he knew who the owners were, so I had him walk with me to the lady’s house (1/2 block down the side street). The woman who walked out with a matching puppy was maybe 30 years old…she just covered her mouth and started crying and asking if he was dead… I made it clear that I hadn’t hit him – I just saw it happen it and didn’t want anyone else to hit him… but that I was pretty sure he was not in good shape. Poor pup was totally limp. I set him down and she touched his head and he just barely twitched his tail… that made us both start bawling. Ugh. It was seriously awful. I don’t even know how the story ends, but I know I bawled while walking back to my car alone. Not what I was hoping to do yesterday.

So that’s the deal. Last night I slept for 11 hours (sorely needed!), and I’m feeling like today is going to be a good day. I’m just hoping for good news IRL and on the interwebs for my friends today.


  1. Oh my gosh that poor puppy…it broke my heart to read that story. Thank god you were there to take care of him. Poor family…What a roller coaster. So happy things looked good from your end (and your friends) but it's so hard to read the sad and unfair stories out there..

  2. Damn that is some serious sadness. And the puppy…oh man I am just so sorry for both you and the owner. Poor little fella.

  3. Today is already a rough day for me but reading about you and the pup and then its owner… omg. I'm crying at my desk again.You're so nice to have done that. I would've done it too. Shame on that woman that didn't hardly break! That's terrible!

  4. I just wrote a post about empathy and gratefullness. It'll post tomorrow since I already posted something this morning. But basically, it's just so hard sometimes to feel for your friends and be happy for yourself. It sounds like you've been doing a lot of that this week :/And that dog story brought (a lot of!) tears to my eyes ๐Ÿ™

  5. Oh god the story about the dog just broke my heart!! I can't imagine seeing that, let alone having that happen to my own dogs. I am sending positive vibes to all the girls whose blogs you mentioned and am glad you were able to see your babe again!!

  6. OK.. now I'm bawling at my desk at work. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that, but so glad that you were there for that poor woman. So, so sad.

  7. That kind of thing makes me so angry. But at least he had someone with him when he died. I'm sorry you had to go through that.

  8. Omg, poor puppy! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. How terrible:(Thank you for the shout-out…the more prayers the better. What a crazy week for all of your friends. I will keep everybody in my thoughts.

  9. Thank you for the shout out, love. The prayers and positive thoughts you've given Sprout and I mean a great deal to us. I want you to know that I am SO incredibly happy for you. You deserve all of the blessings you are receiving. On a side note, I am sorry you had to handle that poor dog this morning! What a horrible thing to witness. Hugs to you!

  10. What a list. Full of happy things and incredibly sad things too. You must have been so emotionally drained after the puppy accident! Thats so awful, sounds just like what happened with my dog:( You are such a good person for stepping up and bringing the dog to the owner. So the bitch that hit him never pulled over???

  11. The news, most of what you shared is so heartbreaking. I am so sorry for all the parents who have lost their children. I hope M will have a safe pregnancy, and your kiddo and hers will go to the same school and be great friends.Sorry for that pup too.You take care and stay well!:-)

  12. I started crying reading the story. He looks to have a sweet face like my Louie and all I could think of was my Louie. I cant imagine that ladies pain….

  13. Oh, wow. What an emotional week. I would have just fallen apart seeing that puppy get hurt. He was lucky to have you there to carry him back to his family in his last moments. Glad to hear Rockstar is so healthy and growing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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