Auntie JuJu

Last night C and I were video Skyping with Charlie’s brother, our sis-n-law, and our nephew. J is 17 months old now (this pic is from 2 months ago), and he is at that point where he’ll try to repeat everything you say. Last night he decided that I was “JuJu,” so every time my sis-n-law would tell him to find Auntie Josey’s nose or Uncle Charlie’s lips, he’s run up to the computer screen, point, and say “JuJu!!!!”
Isn’t it weird to think that our children can grow up recognizing and talking to relatives through the computer??


  1. I think it's awesome and amazing! My parents, sister and her family live out of state so it's hard to connect with them. This makes it a bit easier.

  2. Awww 🙂 I have an aunt Judy who lives across the country and my little cousins call her JuJu during their Skype sessions too!

  3. so cute! and you look great…yeah it's so wierd to know that when I was a kid (back in communist Europe mind you)we didn't even have a phone. No micorwaves, nothing. Now look at it. The technology in just one generation (well, really two by the time I got pregnant) is astounding. Hope you're doing good and feeling great!

  4. He's getting so big! I remember emailing back and forth when he was born! Crazy to think how long we have been following each others journey. And I'm glad you have the opportunity to watch him grow.

  5. That God for Skype!

  6. We skype with Jack's Grandparents (Andy's mom and stepdad) it is funny watching how he's starting to recognize them. Skyping after we went to visit them in Philly he kept touching the screen like he was thinking 'why is grandma stuck in that screen?'. What a strange world. Still coming to the realization that you and I are internet friends 🙂

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