23 Weeks, and Crossing Some Thresholds

This week RockStar is the size of … hm, a papaya I guess. I just realized that we’re to the stage where the baby’s size is given in ranges and weeks 21-24 show an avg. size of 10.5-11.8″ long and 12.7-20.8 oz in weight. The creepy “factoid” of the week is that the kiddo is sprouting nipples this week. How random is that? C instead focused on the fact that the kiddo is supposedly used to the routine loud noises in my environment at this point…namely, our barking dog. We’re hoping s/he can just sleep through him barking once she’s here, because we sure as hell suck at calming Chief down when someone is at the door. Does anyone have an inside line on Caesar Milan?

I weighed 170.0# this morning (up .5# from last week, up 9# overall). When I told C, he said That’s what I like to hear! Apparently he’s been concerned about my low weight gain thus far. Um, thanks honey, but I’ve gotten over that fear, and so should you. Let’s hope that I stay on the low/moderate end of that whole spectrum! On a totally different note, it’s definitely shocking in a way to see that number on the scale. 170# is the number that made me go O SHIT a couple of years ago (the day I started this blog actually), and 172# is the highest I’ve ever weighed before I got my ass in gear and started working out / eating better and lost about 20# (though I put half of that back on by the time we finally got our BFP). As someone who has struggled with eating disorder crap in the past, I’m doing my best to just go with the flow on all of this and constantly remind myself that this is all for a good reason. I’m not saying this to be the whiny pregnant lady complaining about getting fat. I’m saying this as the woman who will always have ED shit in the back of her mind who has to work really hard to not treat her body poorly when bad body image issues come into play. If you’ve ever struggled with it, I’m sure you understand. *sigh*

As I mentioned here, C finally got to feel RockStar kick for the first time this week! Very exciting, and definitely the highlight of the week. 🙂

After a crazy week at work last week (7 shifts in 6 days – that is a LOT of being on my feet non-stop), things are starting to slow down drastically at work because the main tourist season is ending. It’s a mixed blessing at this point, because the pregnant lady in me loves the extra time to relax, and the crazy bill-paying lady in me is a little freaked out about bills come January. It is all going to work out fine in the end, I’m sure. Just trying to remind myself of that right now!

Okay, off to clean my house! A girlfriend of mine is flying into town tonight for a wedding this weekend and staying with us through Sunday, and then one of C’s best friends and his girlfriend are coming into town next Wed-Mon, so the guestroom & bath need a little spiffing up! On that note – I’ve decided to hire a cleaning lady, and she’s hopefully coming before the house guests next week to do the crap I don’t want to do / suck at, like scrubbing showers and baseboards and such. I’m so excited! She cleans for a friend of ours, and he says she’s really good and really cheap. That’s what I like to hear!

Oooh – one more note about our guest bathroom. It’s the only one with a tub, hence it’s where RockStar will get baths eventually. I’ve realized lately that the door was basically hung backwards – it was a pain in the ass to shut the door when you’re in there without maneuvering yourself around the toilet bowl, and if you’re trying to kneel next to the tub, it would open into you. Yesterday C didn’t have any work, so he decided to completely remove and switch out the door frame 180 degrees so that it swings out now and leaves the bathroom space nice and open. How sweet is that?!

 (please disregard the random varying oranges of the walls in the photos above –
i really need to remember to use the white balance feature on my camera!)


  1. Gotta love a handyman!! You are looking amazing and I'm glad you have been able to worry less about the weight gain. Wishing you the best! You are getting close : )

  2. sweet dude. need to send Charlie to our house to install a new front door. I hate installing doors. Worst part of remodeling! Have fun with your friend this weekend! And report back about the cleaning lady 🙂

  3. I totally wish that I lived close by so that I could come and rub your belly. Yes, I'm aware of how creepy that sounds. I'm not really sure I care 🙂 You look beautiful!

  4. My dog goes nuts every time the UPS man drives down our street, so I hope the baby is ussed to barking when she comes out! you look great mama!

  5. You TOTALLY popped this week!!! I was like whoa! when I saw the pic. 🙂 In a good way of course. :)If Caesar comes to help you, can you share the secret? We have the same problem. NOT COOL ever, but especially when you've got a baby that JUST fell asleep!!!

  6. 23 weeks is a mile marker!!! And about the weight gain, I'm at 9 lbs too, so you're right on…it can be up to 1lb/ per week from here in out!!! You're fine! And you look beautiful!!! I'm too scared to post pics of me… Have a great couple of weeks with your guests! And I'm super jealous you're hubs is such a handy man….

  7. Enjoyed your post and loved catching up on al, your stuff. Goof for you on your weight gain. Doing better than me. I went into this pregnancy 7#s over my normal weight and am now a full10# s over. You look great! Have fun with your friends!

  8. You are so beautiful to me.

  9. You look so beautiful. I want to hug you.Also, major commendations for all those hours you are working on your feet. You are a total badass. You deserve ALL the relaxing you can get!

  10. You look fantastic! Keep up the great work in growing that rockstar! I sounds like you're going to have a full house for a while there! Have fun! 🙂

  11. Could you look any freaking cuter. You honestly are glowing…I always thought that was bullshit when people said that. 🙂 I have loved watching this happen for you!

  12. Chloe doesn't usually mind when the dogs bark, I definitely think she got used to hearing it while she was in my belly. I'm glad work is slowing down for you, and I bet your body will really appreciate it too. YOU are the rockstar though for working as hard as you are. And your belly looks fantastic!

  13. I can't believe how amazing you look! Well, I can, but you know what I mean. You really are glowing and your smile just says it all :)So cool how rockstar can hear noises now. He/she is growing so quickly!Obviously I totally understand about the weight numbers thing, but you are doing so well and taking it one step at a time. You will TOTALLY lose it all once you have the baby, I just know it. You look very healthy and I'm so proud of you.Seriously, Gregg needs to spend some time with your hubby…he's completely useless when it comes to house projects. I'm so impressed!

  14. A belated comment about Chief (I tried to reply via my iPhone but it spazzed on me)-Enlist a friend (or 2) to help and knock/ring the doorbell. When the sound happens, take Chief to a designated spot and put him in a sit-stay. Make sure he can see the door, but is out of the way of people coming in/out.-When Chief is sitting and quiet, open the door. If he gets up or starts barking, close the door and put him back in his spot. (This may have to be repeated several times. Stay calm and patient.)-When you can open the door and invite your "visitors" in without a fuss, greet them calmly, and then have them calmly/casually come up to Chief and give him a treat.-Repeat. A lot. With different people, at different times of day. Eventually he WILL associate the doorbell or knocking with going to his spot, sitting quietly, and getting a treat. Make sure nobody makes a big/excited fuss over him because it will encourage him to get excited and bark.I know it sounds like a pain, but if you can do it several times a day for a week or two it should become habit. Hope it helps!

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