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My buddy L is your basic, sweet, well-intentioned redneck. When one of the commenters wrote “Gee, I bet Luke wishes he was dyslexic – he’d LOVE to walk into a bra!” I laughed out loud b/c that was exactly my thought and I know that’s exactly the intention with which it was written. I can see why V took offense and it’s awful her child is struggling, but then all of my sympathy was gone and all I could think was WTF?!?! when she wished ill upon someone else’s potential child…and of course, as someone who struggled with IF, I totally see S’s point and can empathize with “Bearing a child at all would have been a gift to me.

Thoughts? Opinions?


  1. People have to learn how to laugh. I don't think your friend was trying to be mean or bully anyone. That lady needs to be un-friended in my opinion. And that opinion is coming from someone that has lots of special needs kiddos in her life.

  2. This plus that IF thread (I think your sister was the original poster?)… You've got some outspoken FB friend sista! My FB perusing is never this exciting 🙂

  3. Whoa! Some people take facebook way too seriously.

  4. Wow, don't think I'll comment on this one, I'm glad it looks like you stayed out of it.

  5. Holy guacamole.Yeah, I'm stopping there.

  6. wow…that's about all I can say. No matter what bullying I have dealt with as a child or as an adult, I could and would never wish ill on a person's child or potential child. I agree that we sometimes need to be more sensitive, but I also agree, that looking at one's short comings/handicaps/challenges with humor helps diffuse potential bullying situations. Accepting oneself for who we are and all we encompass is our greatest strength. I hope this woman V realizes this wasn't a personal attack against her or her child. This is like every infertile woman who believes every pregnant woman got that way just to rub it in the IFer's face…Yeah, it sucks, and mean people exist, but not everyone is out to get everyone else!

  7. Wow. I'm actually incredibly embarrassed for her. That is just lame. Talk about a hypocrite. To get on your moral high horse about sensitive issues being poked fun at and then wishing a disability on someone's child? WOW. That person needs to do a little reflecting.

  8. I LOVE L's response to this thread! LOVE IT! I'm dyslexic myself and I can laugh my butt off at the jokes. Esp the written ones because it takes me a few seconds to realize what's up! Dyslexic's UNTIE! Oh wait….Humor will get you through life much easier than being defensive all the time.

  9. I'm dyslexic…but I laughed… Humor is definitely the way to get through life (dyslexic or not)!

  10. I think the last comment says it perfectly. These people really need to chill out. I thought it was funny, but I took it for exactly what it was, a JOKE. Geez!

  11. V is a bitch and I love how S stuck it to her.

  12. V is a bitch and I love how S stuck it to her.

  13. Just the other day my friend (who has some honest-to-goodness OCD tendencies) was wearing a shirt that said "I have CDO… it's like OCD but with the letters arraigned alphabetically, they way it should be" And we both laughed a lot. Sure, there is something to be said to be sensitive to those around you struggling through something, but I didn't take the "bra" joke as a put down in any way. It was just a joke.

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