24 Weeks & the Elusive Viability Milestone!

This week RockStar is still approximately the size of a papaya. Depending on the website, it seems the kiddo weighs a little over a pound and measures a little over a foot long.

I weighed in at 170# this morning (same as last week), though Tuesday morning I was 171#. I’m sure it’s fluctuating a little every day. I’m definitely having no problem eating anymore! The midwife wasn’t concerned at all that I’m only up 9-10#, so I’m fine with it too.

I had my 24 week appointment this week, and my sweet midwives did a quick freebie u/s on their old machine so that my MIL could see the kid. Not gonna lie – I was pretty excited to see RockStar one more time too!

We have friends in town from AZ right now, so I’m off to do the touristy thing with them for the next few days. It’s a nice reminder of what an awesome place we live in!


  1. I watched the ultrasound, that does look like a good pic even if it is from an old machine. Must be good to see him/her every so often.

  2. Looking good mama! 🙂 Can't wait to get my hands on that baby bump!

  3. Ditto what oak said! So cool to see that u/s…thanks for sharing. He definitely looks like a rockstar (cause it's a boy btw)

  4. You are looking fabulous, Josie!

  5. Still looking so cute……I think I am agreeing with above. I think you have a little boy growing 🙂

  6. You look amazing! I too think you've got boy swimming around in there. But I thought I was having a girl too so…what do I know? My H did show me the package on the U/S video after we got home and wondered how we all missed it. haha!

  7. Looking good, momma!

  8. Freebie ultrasounds must be up there on the greatest thing ever scale 🙂 What a cute lil guy/girl. You look adorable!

  9. I can't wait to see my little one next Thursday!!! I think I'll have to do what you did and video it…how fun! I never thought of that…You're looking great! And I'm up 11lbs as of today…so we're still neck and neck, although yesterday I was only up 9, so who knows…definitely some fluctuating!

  10. I can't get over how super-cute you look!

  11. I have that same dress (actually I bought it after you wrote a post about VS last year :))! Cute dress but even cuter with a baby bump!

  12. The pictures are awesome because it is like 'this is relaxed Josey' 'this is going out for a good time josey'. Same exact spot in the house, almost the same pose, just different looks.So glad you were able to see RS again. That's awesome!

  13. cant believe you are already 24 weeks! is time flying for you? my pregnancy has FLOWN by! you're looking good!!

  14. You look great as usual! Congrats on 24 weeks, that's fantastic!

  15. I love that black dress! And you look great!Hi RockStar!

  16. You look so cute!! Can't wait to feel RockStar kick for myself. 🙂

  17. Lookin really good!!

  18. How cute you look, lucky you with the all baby belly… swollen hands & ankles are no fun! Yay for 24 weeks, feels good just saying/writing it! :]

  19. I keep meaning to tell you – you are looking amazing and DEFINITELY glowing!:)

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