Baby Book Memory Lane

I got this record book in the mail today, and I promptly sat down and read the entire thing, cover to cover. The first entry reads:

July 5, 1981
It’s been almost a week now that we’ve known I’m pregnant… 

— and includes entries like:
October 4, 1981
Last Monday – the 28th of September – I felt the baby move! 
[which meant she was about 22w along]

I am so glad that my Mom took the time to write about her pregnancy with me and the first few years of my life. Pretty darn cool. 🙂


  1. What a wonderful thing to have! I guess blogs will take the place of that now, but I love the idea of having something that personal written out to share with your child(ren) years from now…

  2. ah shit, now I have even more guilt about not writing stuff down for mac. good thing he's a boy and doesn't really care about that stuff. Or shouldn't. or whatever.

  3. Maybe someday (when Rockstar's grown) this whole Internet Thing will seem adorably quaint and romantic too 🙂

  4. That's so awesome you have that to look at!

  5. Wow! So very cool 🙂

  6. That is such a gift to have that to read her thoughts on her pregnancy with you. Your mom has all these thoughtful cool things to send you while you're pregnant. What a sweetheart. She must be so excited to share these times with you.

  7. Probably one of the coolest things to have! I kept great notes during my pregnancy. I'm not sure my son will appreciate it but maybe his wife will. LOL

  8. you are so extremely lucky that your mom did this. just think, rockstar will be able to look back and read this blog someday. 🙂

  9. So cool! How special to have that to look back on.

  10. So neat. Your mom was so good with this stuff, even before you were conceived!

  11. What a fantastic thing your mom did.I love it absolutely. And hopefully our blogs will become the record that we can present to our children!

  12. I LOVE this. I wish that my mom had done something similar. I know that I will definitely be doing it for my kids.

  13. That is so awesome. I was thinking about how I didnt write during this pregnancy but I guess I can scrap book the blog pages that pertain to the pregnancy. It would be awesome to share when my daughter is pregnant.

  14. What a great thing to have!! You'll have to get your blog printed and bound for your little one to have when they are older!

  15. This is like her blog about her pregnancy. So cute.My mom did a 1st year calendar about my first year. I'm doing one too, now, just to document what we're doing. It will be so fun to look back at it when it's complete.Reading mine, cover to cover was just so awesome. Loved the memories.

  16. oh tears! so awesome!

  17. That is neat! I only had a mediocre calendar with stickers on it, so I made sure to buy two of the most detailed baby books I could find and have been writing in them like crazy!

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