25 Weeks, & Starting Birth Plans!

During this 6th month, RockStar is approximately the size of an eggplant… that’s 13.6-14.8″ long and weighing in at 1.5-2.2#, and his/her immune system is preparing for the outside world. Exciting!!! I guess from now on, the baby’s size is much more dependent on environmental and biological factors (hence why it’s pretty much impossible to determine gestational age based on u/s measurements once you’re this far along in the pregnancy).

As far as my own body size goes, I weighed in at 172# this morning (up 2# from last week, up 11# overall). That is officially a flashback to the highest number I have ever seen on a scale, and it’s more than a little bit scary to me. On one hand, I am so thankful that I had lost some weight by the time I got pregnant so that I’m only seeing that number now – at 25 weeks along. On the flip side, it makes me wish I’d have stuck with it a little more diligently and gotten down to my 142# goal weight pre-pregnancy (or at least maintained the 152# I was at last summer instead of letting it creep up to 161#). Thanks to stress eating and drinking throughout the TTC struggles, I kind of sabotaged myself there. Lesson learned! On the flip side, I’ll take the numbers creeping up on that scale every week since it means that RockStar is healthy and growing inside of me!

Random stuff I’ve been meaning to document here… 

A couple of weeks ago I realized that I have to manually position the seat belt under my belly nowadays when I buckle up. Kinda cool. 🙂

Every time I lay down on the couch or in bed, I’m unconsciously waiting to feel RockStar move…and when s/he inevitably does, it makes me smile every time.

I can see my belly move on the outside now, and Charlie and a couple of my girlfriends (Leia & Marissa) have seen it too! Surreal.

I’m signing up for a Hypnobirthing course today, and I’m super excited for it! C’s preconceptions about birth are basically that I’ll be a screaming mess begging for meds, and I’m really hopeful that he (and I!) will learn a lot through this course. I’ve done a lot of research already, and I truly don’t believe it doesn’t have to be that way. I know that C is going to be a wonderful birth coach throughout the labor process, and I think this class will be an invaluable help to us both. On another note, it was awesome reading about my Mom’s thoughts on birth/meds/etc in the book yesterday – I’m planning on doing a whole post on this soon.

My parents both thought I was going to be a girl, and C & I both think I’m going to have a girl. I’m so freakin’ curious to see if we’ll be right as well!! I’m glad we’re waiting to find out, because it’s always been a dream of mine to hear the doc/midwife/my husband say “it’s a boy!” or “it’s a girl!” At the same time, some days I’m just dying to know already!! Totally worth the wait though. 🙂

My first baby shower is this weekend already (yes, it’s early at 25w3d, but one of the party-throwers has to leave the state next week and she really wanted to be a part of it). It’s a couples shower with most of the invitees being friends of my in-laws, so I’m curious what it will be like. I requested no games, but C just told me that his Mom has been excitedly telling him about all of the games she’s in charge of organizing. *groan* We shall see.

Overall, life is really good right now. I’m pretty consistently tired, but overall this past month has by far been the “easiest.” I still puke probably once a week (generally at night, right before bed – weird), but that’s totally manageable. I’m just so excited to have December be here already!!

Quick shout-out to my friend E (manymanymoons). She and her hubby have been TTC for 2 1/2 years, are in the midst of waiting for placement in the adoption process, and while waiting, had decided to give IVF one shot, but they just found out she’s a carrier for Fragile X. *sigh* If you have any experience with this, please go give her a shout out!


  1. Dude, Erik completely thought I was going to be angry and screaming during birth based on his "pre-conceptions". Even after the class, he was completely prepared for the worst. And, well, knowing my personality, I guess you can't blame him. Granted labor wasn't COMFORTABLE but I was never, not once, angry or out of control. Thank you hypnobirthing! 🙂 I'm so glad you're going the route, you'll never regret it! And tell Charlie if he ever wants to talk about it with Erik, I'm sure he'd be more than willing. So long as they can also talk about beer and sports.

  2. December's going to be here so soon!!!!! 🙂

  3. Oh man I know what you mean by the number on the scale getting harder to look at. Sadly I'd gained 10lbs prior to pregnancy also thanks to all the TTC drugs but I know its all worth it in the end. But you look great! And have a wonderful baby shower. I can't wait to see what ya get 🙂

  4. Your first shower!! That's pretty exciting 🙂 My husband and I were watching the preview for a new show "American Horror story" I think? Well anyways it showed a pregnant belly and like the hand of the baby inside scratching at the skin and it totally freaked my husband out! 🙂 I cant wait until I (eventually!) feel the babies move. Gotta be the coolest thing ever 😉

  5. You look fantastic. I know I've mentioned us being similar in height and weight, so I looked back and was 11lbs heavier at 23 weeks, so you're doing GREAT!

  6. You look beautiful! I took the Hypno class too and although things didn't go according to that plan, I am SO glad I took it. If I end up having any more kids I'm totally going to rock it next time! I think it would have helped me to have a doula. Hubs wasn't super in to the reading of the scripts and helping me visualize stuff.

  7. You seriously look amazing Josey. You're all belly and everything will go back to normal once you have RS. Don't stress about the #'s, I'm sure you're on the low end anyways!I love that you're trying hypnobirthing. I'm for sure going to do this (with my current hypnofertility girl) and I think it will be a great experience for you both.Another week down!

  8. 1st. Labor is AMAZING and (for me) it does not have to be a screaming mess. Get in your zone, focus, breath and you'll do great! My husband's aunt said to just move and work through each pain or contraction. Don't ever try to hold it in or stop the pain. Just push it out and by push, I mean mentally push it out. Breath, relax and enjoy.If I could do it all over again, I would do it right now. It was seriously the most exciting thing I've EVER done. My most proud and exciting moment in my life, ever.Also, moving or feeling the baby move is amazing. Such a joy to know they're growing and doing well while you carry them. So glad everyone is enjoying that part and not just you! :)Lastly, I didn't realize that you guys weren't finding out what you are having. I must of missed that on another post but I have to tell you how awesome that is! I think it would be so fun to do that on our next one and hearing those words, you're right… would be so sweet!Can't wait to continue to watch you grow! Have a great time at your shower!

  9. I want to poke your belly. You are the only pregnant person I would do this to.That is all.

  10. How fun that you are seeing your baby move from the outside now and others are able to share in that experience too! Pretty soon you will have a mover and a shaker in there – take some videos! Sorry to hear you are still getting sick though. 🙁 And have a blast at your shower!!

  11. Looking amazing, your belly is starting to grow! I always wanted to wait to find out too, I don't think I will but that was always my dream. Have fun at your baby shower!

  12. Look how cute you are! So exciting that you can feel Rock Star moving around in there.Also, I think since you are the mommy-to-be you should be exempt from baby shower games. I'm not the biggest fan and that's the excuse I'm going to use! 🙂

  13. You have totally popped 🙂 Have fun at your baby shower this weekend!!! Thank you for your comment on my post today.. I have thought of every scenario, and I do agree with you too.. I just wish he could be here for the birth AND after the birth.. I guess this just goes along with the Military territory 🙁

  14. How cute is your belly?!! You look adorable! 🙂 Have fun at your shower! Can't wait to hear about all the things you got!

  15. I hope you have great fun at your baby shower!From now on, please don't worry a lot about your weight.I also 'want' and hope to feel the baby move when I lie down and every kick I get is a blessing.Let's see if your gut feeling is right.

  16. You look great!! My scale is creeping exponentially…so I'm happy for you at how healthy and great you look! All sounds very special.

  17. Every time I see your belly all I want to do is reach out and touch it!! BOO!! :PCome visit us in MN. I read you blog every week and I wish so much we could spend more time together. I just love you so much and am so happy that you and C have finally got to this point and..I just can't even say everything I'm thinking. Ahhhh!:)Your post about Audi made me cry because I know how much we all love each other! And I'm glad you decided to wait. Who cares, right?Stay lovely, keep my future Ni/Ne strong, tell C I love him, and I love you tooo!!! xoxo E

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