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There is SO much going on in the IF blogosphere today that I just had to share a few of my favorite links with you guys.

(1) Amanda @ Our Fertility Journey officially started stims for her IVF cycle today! She has long been one of my closest blogging friends, and I am so ridiculously excited for her and G and this next step on their journey. I’m also extremely excited because we’ll be hanging out together in Colorado just 27 days from now (and we will be celebrating her newly pregnant status together, I just know it!). Ahhhhh!

(2) Amy @ Chapters is another fellow blogger who is so inspiring to me. Her TTC journey has lasted over a decade (can you freakin’ imagine?!) and yet her faith in God and the process and the timing of everything is so amazing. She just wrote a 2 part post revealing some really big news happening for them on the TTC front. Check it out!

(3) Carlia @ The Stork Drop Zone has been in TTC hell nearly as long as Amy (since 2002 – she and Amy take the crown for longest TTCers on my prayer list – a dubious honor to be sure). She’s been absent the last couple of months, which really was starting to worry a few of us that were emailing back and forth about her.* Luckily all is well, and she just popped back into the blogging world with some wonderful news that includes their baby boy who will be joining them in January!

(4) Last but not least, Natalie @ I was told there would be pajamas just posted a link to a video that is… well, I found it to be hysterical. Warning – probably not for the super conservative or faint of heart. Oh my LORD did I laugh though. Thank you Natalie for just topping off my day. It has been a really good one. 🙂

*That is the weird thing about blogging – I’ve realized that as close as I feel to many of you and as much as I know about intimate details of your lives, there is no way to get in touch with you in an emergency. I don’t like it! You ladies are so important to me.

ps –

My husband left this morning for a three day rafting trip with his buddies. It’s a “guy version of a baby shower” trip according to him. I’m so jealous. Why are his baby showers cooler than mine?


  1. Doood so you just like announced everyone's good news and then you are like 'oh and my perverted friend Natalie has a ridiculously inappropriate video for you to watch'. WTH? I am a bad person.

  2. Josey, you are so cool. My blog is stalled for various reasons, but I want you to know I still follow you. I clicked on your prayer list and was shocked that I was there. So cool 🙂 Life is good–keep up the blogging, sista.

  3. You rock Josey. Thanks for the shout out. Love ya!And off I go to Nat's blog…

  4. I died watching Natalie's video. Such a good way to start my Friday. You are such a good blogger friend when it comes to shout outs (and in so many other ways too). A decade…it really puts it in perspective doesn't it.

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