TVT, My First Attempt

Welcome to my first Thought Vomit Thursday… or in my case, thought vomit Wednesday. Since my weekly pregnancy updates have been on Thursdays I haven’t been participating, but that’s about to change…it’s just more likely that I’ll be posting this on a Wednesday or a Friday. Just go with it!

For those of you who are unaware, TVT was created by my friends Oak and Natalie. It’s basically an excuse to spew all of the random b.s. that’s floating around in your head but not enough to create a coherent post out of. BTW, that’s Oak’s kid in the button above – how awesome is he?! Feel free to join in if you’d like!

So without further ado, here is some of my own spectacular thought vomit!

*I just finished watching this week’s episode of G&B, and I gotta say that it’s pretty damn cool that they decided to “go to the best” for their next IVF cycle – and that it means they’re using the same fertility clinic that we did in Colorado. That is one thing I will never regret in this process. We luckily didn’t end up having to do IVF, but I firmly believe that the diagnostic care and IUI that we had done at CC.RM were top rate, and as y’all know, this IF shit is nothing to mess around with.

*I can’t stand the new top stories news feed layout on FB. Why do they have to keep switching things every week?!

*A family friend of mine has been TTC for just over a year and she just got diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve, and her AMH and follicle count are “cause for serious concern.” If you have experience with this particular diagnosis or can point me to a good blog about it, can you please leave a link in the comments? I feel so devastated for her that she’s going to have to go down this awful IF road. 🙁

*I cannot WAIT for October 13th, because 6-7 of us TTC bloggers are getting together IRL. You all know how amazing this community of women is, and I’m stoked to be meeting a few more of you in person. That fact that it’s going to be an awesome weekend is a serious understatement.

*The outfit below was one of my favorite scores from the baby shower. The skirt is so damn cute – if we don’t have a girl, I’ll for sure be passing this on to a friend.

*I am beyond excited that the fall TV shows have started. HIMYM, DWTS, The Biggest Loser, Grey’s Anatomy… just to name a few. Our DVR is set to record a million shows right now, and it makes me happy! How sad is that? 🙂


  1. DUDE! Fall TV season is HERE! Hooray! I can't wait, but my blogging is sure to take a nosedive. :)Welcome to TVT, doesn't it feel good?

  2. That is the cutest outfit- EVER. And I am hating the FB- quit changing shit already!

  3. Amen on the Fall schedule. I feel alive again! lolLove that outfit!! Now I really hope it's a girl :)I think I'm due for a TVT soon.Only 22 days left. HFS!!!!!!

  4. Glad you succumbed to peer pressure. That skirt is adorable! Love it! Just watched Glee last night, so I too am excited for Fall.

  5. ADORABLE outfit!!!And for some reason, I'm some superawesome test account for FB, so I've already had the crap-ass new layout for weeks. It doesn't get any easier.

  6. CUTE!! We have 2 DVRs and both are maxed out almost every night. LOL!

  7. I THOUGHT that was your fertility clinic – I was going to ask. How cool is that?! FB is annoying the shit outta me too. And that outfit…no words to describe how cute that is!

  8. Oh man I LOVE G&B. It's seriously my favorite show!! I am so happy they are giving it another go and hope she finally gets a baby.And man oh man I can't wait for all the fall shows to start back up. My DVR is on overflow but I can't help it. I'm addicted!!

  9. I think TVT is applicable any day. Thursday is just a guideline. Like speed limits or drinks per hour.

  10. Ah, the fall season of new shows is upon us. My DVR is going nuts and I feel like I should go out and buy a new pair of school shoes in celebration!!Also, I hate FB and the random changes that they make. I'm too old to keep up! 🙂

  11. I wish I was organized enough to participate in TVT. I think every one of my posts could be posted as at TVT. I love TVT…And that outfit is so damn cute!!! My shower isn't until November….I will add your friend to my prayer list….

  12. My diagnosis of G is hypothalamic amenorrhea – she needs to start *eating* and I think she'd then have no trouble getting pregnant.

  13. I'm going to have to link to this and start posting Though Vomit Thursday's! I've got so much going on in this here brain that could be perfectly described as vomit! Thank you!

  14. My diagnosis is premature ovarian failure – I 'skipped' the diminished ovarian reserve dx and just went right on to ovarian failure – they said I was borderline but closer to POF than DOR. It is not a fun diagnosis and options tend to be limited to donor egg or adoption depending on how diminished the reserve is. Sending prayers for your friend!

  15. I watched G&B too last night and I thought of you when they went to the colorado clinic 🙂

  16. I am so glad that G & B are at the best! I think they are going to be great parents.Cute outfit!

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