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Most days I’m happy with our decision to wait to find out Rockstar’s gender, but there are definitely random times where I just wish i KNEW already!! Today I decided to take a highly scientific old wives gender tales poll to see what that said. What do you think – boy or girl? Vote on the right!

1. How are you carrying? (high-girl/low-boy) – People tell me its high.
2. What do you crave? (salty-boy/sweet-girl) Mostly sweet, which is way bizarre for me b/c normally I don’t really care for sweets.
3. Husband’s weight? (gained-girl/maintained-boy) I don’t see how this is fair – my dang husband has always been able to eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants and never gain a pound! This definitely hasn’t changed.
4. Facial Acne? (yes-girl/no-boy) – Yes in the beginning, no now.
5. Baby’s heart rate? (>140, <140) – In the 160s in the beginning, but dropping at each appointment (just this last time in the 130s… so mostly girl, but maybe boy?
6. Chinese Gender Chart: http://www.thelaboroflove.com/chart/pred.html
— Make sure you use your lunar age – the algorithm upon which this chart is based!

7. Sleep Position – Pay attention to which way you lay down in bed tonight. Left side or right side?  (left-boy/right-girl) Right side. I TRY to be on my left, but I always end up on my right.

8. Upset Stomach – Do/did you have extreme nausea? (yes-girl/no-boy) Yep. 😛 
9. Soft or Dry Hands – Have your hands been soft? Or dry during your pregnancy? (dry:boy/soft:girl) Hm… I’d say pretty soft, considering how much my hands have been in bleach while bartending all summer.
10. Face Weight Gain – Has your face filled in more so than normal? (fuller face: girl / no: boy)

I have no idea – when I asked my husband, he said, “I dunno, maybe a little? I dunno?”

11. Baby Weight – Are you carrying your baby towards the front only? Or is the weight spaced all around your middle? (front:boy/all around:girl) I’m mostly in front.

Girl- 6
Boy- 2
Not sure – 3

So basically, we shall see! Char and I are working on agreeing on a boy’s name lately b/c we keep referring to this kid as a girl (I think mainly b/c we have agreed on the girl’s name)… we both kinda feel like it’s a girl, and this survey seems to agree, but as we all know, there’s a 50/50 chance we’ll be welcoming a little boy into our lives in December!!!


  1. My vote is girl!!!LOL, I can just see the look on Charlie's face when you asked him if you've 'filled out'..that's dangerous territory!

  2. hahaha, I agree with Amanda – very dangerous territory for C!!I have no idea what to guess. I suppose I want to guess Boy just because the signs all point to girl? hahaha. I am happy you aren't finding out, though. Not that I think finding out is this terrible thing, but I'm glad to know someone else is out there and doing just fine in the process without knowing the gender. I have always told people I hate surprises, but I think I secretly love them!Eeek I can't wait to see what you're having 🙂

  3. My vote is that you're going to have a cute baby. I know I'm going to be 100% right!

  4. I got almost all the same answers as you! I can't wait to hear what you have!

  5. My gut reaction was boy, but I've been wrong nearly 100% of the time, so that just means it's likely a girl. 🙂

  6. I definitely think its a girl! And no, your face hasn't "filled out!" I was thinking that the other day when you posted a new belly shot. Definitely no weight gain in the face :)Girl all the way!

  7. Well, you are going to be having a beautiful baby…that is for sure!I am not sure of boy or girl…so yeah.I used a Chinese gender predictor and it predicted a boy for me. But how accurate is it is just a guess.Have a beautiful, healthy baby!

  8. Well you already know I think it is a girl. Mostly just because of the nausea thing. But I suppose you could have that all the time with a boy too. Who knows? It is going to be exciting to find out!

  9. The Chinese calendar held true for both Ella and little Tristan growing in my belly. It also held true for 2 of my close friends and their combined 3 kids. So…I think you're having a girl!!! 🙂

  10. I really think the Chinese Gender Chart (from thebump.com) is correct. I have tested it on like 30 people and it has been correct all but like 3 times. It says girl for you plus all of the other signs point to girl also. I have just about all different answers to the question you posted and I am having a boy. I am so excited to see what you will have!

  11. Waiting to find out the sex sounds way more fun than finding out with u/s! See all the fun games we can play?One thing that does have some scientific backing: 70% of women who develop PUPS in pregnancy have a boy. My cousin intuited that she was having a boy and PUPS all but confirmed it for her!

  12. I want to say you're having a girl because you are carrying so much like me, but I KNOW that means absolutely nothing in real life. LOLWhatever it is, she/he will be 100% precious!

  13. I say girl, go with the flow, everybody's having girls!

  14. My guess is boy!!!!! Its going to be so fun to find out once he/she is here!

  15. Everyone I know who has used the Chinese thing has had the gender predicted correctly. Myself included. Can't wait to find out!

  16. I applaude you for waiting to find out the gender. I would be too crazy with anxiety. I've heard the chinese gender chart is the most accurate…of course I don't know cause I don't have kids but I have four friends who have used it (via the bump) and they all said it accurately predicted their babies. Oooh now I'm excited for you….lol….see!

  17. Girl I don't know how you are waiting?! I would have totally caved my now! 🙂 lol–Hmm—I will say its a boy(just to be different) Do you have any names already picked out?! Are you gonna wait to tell the boy and girl name too!? You are totally keeping us in the dark over here! 🙂 Can't wait to see what *rockstar* is! **and hands soft??–is that test taken before you wash your hands? I mean really?! LOL 🙂

  18. If you think it's a girl, I bet it's a girl. I always thought we would have girls, but the second I found out I was pregnant I just had a feeling it was a boy. I don't know how you're holding out!! I'm jealous of your resolve.

  19. It's a girl. No need to pick out a boy's name 🙂 Wellll I guess maybe you should just in case, my feeling is a girl! The chinese gender chart thing says our baby is a girl and both my husband and I think its a girl. But I guess we'll find out in about ten weeks! Hope the onesie got there okay!

  20. I think it's a boy :)I had two girls and E's heartrate was always in the 160s/170s and C's heartrate was always in the 130s/140s 🙂

  21. Oh I love this! It's fun to see how you're measuring up on all those OWTs 🙂 I'm thinking girl for sure…especially because you've been sorta referring to Rockstar as a girl- I think that's the number one factor. I just had this feeling deep down that it was one of each for us…and look at us! 🙂

  22. Very cute. Thanks for sharing….surprisingly my answers look like…..well, I'll be announcing the real answer in 6 weeks 🙂

  23. haha, I went through all of those and they were true for me when I was pregnant for boy. Maybe Rockstar is a girl? Maybe those old wives weren't crazy!

  24. […] when I was about 6 months pregnant. When I was 7 months pregnant I did a survey of a bunch of the old wives’ tales, and the results were 6-girl / 2-boy / 3-not sure. The day before I went into labor, I wrote a post […]

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