What I did today…

A good girlfriend of mine came over today and took a few pics for me as an early baby shower gift. We’re going to do a few more when I’m a little further along that include the hubby, but here’s a sneak peek of what we did so far! I love them. 🙂


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love artsy pregnancy photo shoots 🙂

  2. So pretty

  3. Beautiful!!!!! 🙂

  4. These are awesome. You look so pretty!

  5. These are absolutely beautiful. Nicely done.

  6. What great pictures!! Absolutely beautiful 🙂

  7. These have turned out so great! You look awesome! Such great colors in that last photo too! Beautiful!

  8. They look great!!

  9. Oh my gosh Josey they are so beautiful!

  10. My friend, you look fantastic. Truly. That kid has got some awesome genes.


  12. I love these!! Can't wait to see the rest. What a thoughtful present 🙂

  13. So pretty!!! I wish I would have known how ugly and distorted my belly would get with twins in the third trimester because I would have done mine sooner. I now dont feel pictures is something I would want.

  14. So Beautiful.

  15. the silhouette picture is perfection.

  16. Oh! The pictures are amazing! What a fabulous gift!

  17. I love the silhouette picture the most – not in a stalker lesbian way, of course.I'm so happy for you!!! You my friend, are GLOWING! 🙂

  18. Oh Josey!!! They are beautiful!!! i am so happy for you guys!

  19. OMG I love them!! You are absolutely gorgeous!

  20. Gorgeous!!! I wish I had done nakey pics. Yours is beautiful!!!!

  21. Love the scrabble one!

  22. Absolutely gorgeous pics Josey! My fav is the one with the scrabble board!!!

  23. Awesome! I never took pregnancy pics like that! I really wish I did! You are beautiful!

  24. New background!!

  25. Josey you are absolutely beautiful – love the pictures – what great memories captured!

  26. Very pretty pics! Love them!

  27. Aww Josey! You are adorable! Maternity shoots are my favorite to photograph(Im a photographer-fyi–have to say it incase someone thinks I just like looking at pregnant women's photographs! lol) Your belly is so stinking cute! Can't wait to see more!

  28. Very cute! I love these! So adorable! You look amazing!!!

  29. Really beautiful Josey!

  30. you and the pictures are so beautiful!!!

  31. You're so gorgeous!!! My goodness. Just beautiful.

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