29 Weeks, and Wishing Americans Were Back to Work Already

I don’t usually talk politics on this blog, but I figured I should at least make a note in here for posterity’s sake of what’s going on in our world during this pregnancy with Rockstar. Throughout our entire time TTC and continuing throughout this pregnancy, our economy has continued in this awful downward spiral. My husband and I are both college educated, hard working people, and we spent our early 20s both working full time and feeling financially comfortable. Then this recession hit, and since we were married in 2008, there have been very few months that we have both been employed. Layoffs have hit both of our industries hard (unemployment is 10%+ in our county, and yet our cost of living is 30% higher than the American average), and we are beyond thankful for some financial help we received from my parents in this TTC journey, or I would most likely still be peeing on cheapie internet OPKs and crying that I’m not pregnant yet.  I am a pretty liberal person, and I’m a vocal Obama supporter, and it seems like Republicans do nothing but throw up unjustified roadblocks at every single turn for the past few years.

I’ve been listening to President Obama speak about the American Jobs Act all morning in his Presidential news conference, and it is just so incredibly frustrating to me that change has been so hard for us to come by in this country. We NEED change, we NEED jobs, we need the gazillionaires to pay their portion of taxes without bitching. It’s simple math. We need people to do the right thing and not vote a certain way because of freakin’ politics. Ugh.

I could go on about this for days, but this is neither the time nor the place. I just wanted to put that out there in the hopes that I’ll look back at this post and smile because it was really the bottom for us and things started getting better immediately after. One can always hope, right?


Anywho, on a positive note, today marks 29 weeks along in this pregnancy. HFS! Is it wrong that I think that every single week?! πŸ™‚

Rockstar is the size of a butternut squash at this point (about 2.5# and just over 15″ long), and oh.my.gosh….this kiddo is kicking harder and harder every day. It actually woke me up in the middle of the night a couple of days ago because I got such a swift kick (punch?) to the pelvis. It’s awesome. I’m slightly afraid of the strength this little one will have when it’s possibly triple the size and still in my belly, but it’s still pretty freakin’ wonderful to know that he/she is healthy and kicking in there.

I weighed in at 175# this morning (same as last week, up 14# overall). I have three shifts this week, three next week, and three the following, and then I’m done, and since my activity level is greatly decreasing (no more stair stepper from hell for me, a.k.a. running to the rooftop while waitressing), I’m really trying to watch what I eat – especially by upping my veggie intake. Too bad I love my homemade pasta salad lately (garden rotini noodles, cucumber, tomatoes, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, and fat free Italian dressing).

Also, thank you for all of the kind comments about my maternity pics – you ladies sure know how to make a girl with a rapidly expanding waist line feel good about herself! I made Nicky delete pictures that gave me a double chin, because that is definitely happening more and more these days. Yikes!

Also, thanks to your advice, I’m looking on Craig’s List for a used Dutailier glider. The vast majority of you recommended going with the quality chair, yet I just can’t justify pulling the trigger on spending that much moola right now. Luckily, I’m headed 300 miles up to the Denver area next week to have a 4 day blogger meetup with Amanda, Oak, Natalie, BU, Kelly, and E (via skype), and the Denver Craig’s List has a couple possible option for about $200. Not the color or style I wanted exactly, but much more in my price range. Hopefully something pans out! Thanks so much for all your help/suggestions/opinions – I don’t know what I’d do without you ladies. πŸ™‚

PS – it is SNOWING OUT right now. Yikes!!! First snow of the season.


  1. You just look fabulous!!! I feel u on the glider, u know I bought the cheap one but i've heard with twins i'll probably use it less than with a singleton… I've heard if ur gonna use your glider a lot…go with a great one. I think ur making the right compromise.

  2. So cute! I wanna rub that belly!!!Great call on Craigslist. I didn't get a chance to comment on your post, but we have a cheap Babies R Us stuffed rocker that is OK in the nursery, but I honestly never use it because I ALWAYS rock Maggie in the living room. Maybe this will change once she's actually SLEEPING in the nursery, but she hardly ever wakes up at night, so I doubt it.That all brings me to my main point – we just use a regular living room stuffed rocker/recliner that we got for $300 and I LIVE in that thing. It is so comfy and even when I'm not holding the baby I sit in it. I know we all want our nurseries to be super sweet and everything and maybe you'll be rocking in your nursery a lot, but it's just a thought. πŸ™‚

  3. Okay, so on the first part… Amen.On the second part… BELLY!!! You look cute as always.About the snow…. yuck-o. I like colder weather, but I'm not quite ready for the white stuff. Blah.

  4. Before I convinced McMister that buying a nice glider was the right way to go, I scanned Craigslist like crazy. And like you're finding, most weren't the right color. So I started looking online for slipcovers and found a really good DIY one for nursery gliders. I'm FAR from Suzy Homemaker and probably would've died from frustration trying to make one, but if you wanna try, I can look for it again for you.

  5. Lookin good Josey!Hey if you ever need someone down here in the city to go scout something out for you really quick, I totally wouldn't mind. I'm obsessed with CL and finding good deals on stuff. I also was looking at that chair, and there is definitely room for some craftiness if you need to change the color of the cushions, etc. Anyway, you're looking great! I can't believe how fast time is going. HFS is right!!

  6. I am right there with ya on the politics. The man says he can make a change (and what we have experienced up to his being elected clearly didn't work), so let him try it his way for goodness sake. If it doesn't work then you can say I told you so, but until them back off! It's so frustrating. You my dear are so cute!

  7. Great idea looking for a chair while your in Denver! Initially, I was all " Spend the money..you dont want it to break!" But really, I wouldnt be able to afford and Im sure we are going to end up with a cheapie. πŸ™‚ But I hope the good chair at a great price shows up in Denver for you. 29 weeks! HFS for sure πŸ™‚ I cannot wait to feel our baby kick someday πŸ™‚

  8. You look fantastic Josey! Can't wait to rub that belly πŸ™‚ Technically I'm 'meeting' rockstar next week and I'm so excited! I can't wait to feel all these crazy kicks…

  9. Still rocking that belly! You look awesome. And keep that snow your way as long as possible, I'm enjoy our Indian Summer right now! 80Β° in October! Woot!

  10. OMG you're pregnant!!!! There is like a baby in your belly and shiz! It is crazy pants to see you expanding every week, but awesome crazy pants.

  11. Snowing already?? You look great, loving that baby belly!!

  12. Soooo jealous about the snow. Texas is still hot!! You look awesome by the way. I laughed when you said Rockstar is the size of a squash. That is what the twinks are trying this week. Coincidence?? Also jealous about your blogger meet up. We need to do a Texas version!! Glad you are doing well. I have missed all of you. Silly babies. they take up soooooo much of my blogging time…lol. BTW…I am thinking boy.

  13. You are looking sooooooo cute!! Will you send some snow to denver!? I thought about you this morning when I saw on the news now cold it is in telluride and that you were getting snow!! Woo hoo!!!!

  14. Wow, not fair! I'm in Nebraska and it is 82 degrees today. Send some of that snow down the mountain pretty please! Glad you decided to pick the comfy chair, and I hope you find one while you're on your blogger vacay πŸ™‚

  15. Hey Josey – I got your message today and I ended up replying from my work email. Not sure if you got it, or maybe it went to spam. I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you though. Talk to you later!

  16. Your belly is THE cutest!!!

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