Blogorado 2011

This will be short and sweet because I’m sure the other ladies will be writing better recaps than I ever could.  That being said, you should know that my last four days were spent hanging out with five of the most amazing women I’ve ever met, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I can’t even begin to count the number of times that one of us would comment about how (a) it felt like hanging out with old friends, not people we’d just met for the first time “in real life,” and (2) how nice it was to talk to ladies who got it. Of course our conversations often started with a TTC/IF angle, but then we could just as easily segue into talking about marriage, love, money, family, friendships, and many other things that cannot be mentioned here that had nothing to do with IF. 
It.Was.Awesome. 🙂
NatalieKelly – Me – AmandaBUOak
I also love that even while sitting in the house together and chatting, we’d refer to our “real life friends” in stories… and then laugh that we were still apparently referring to each other as “non” real life friends. I guess we might need to change that mindset after a weekend of chatting, drinking, crying, and laughing together. Sounds like real life friends to me. 🙂 We spent the majority of our time sitting around in the room below, just talking and talking (including a 2+ hour Skype session with E – missed you lady!). It was so nice to feel so incredibly comfortable with these women, and luckily they were quite understanding when Oak and I had a constant need to nap. Sllllleeeeeep… sleep is good. 
Love you ladies – thanks for such a wonderful weekend!!! I can’t wait for 2012. 🙂


  1. LOL, of course you made me cry. Love that last pic. Pretty much a summary of the weekend 🙂

  2. Wow, sounds like a blast! I'm super jealous! I'd love a bloggy friend meet up one day.

  3. Yay for bloggie meet ups! I flew to Georgia last year to meet a few gals. And I'm lucky enugh to know a few other local IF bloggers. Its amazing how easily the friendships bond when you have this huge thing in common. I felt like I already knew them the first time I finally met them in person.Great stuff!

  4. Amanda, no crying! 🙂 These are happy times! I agree Josey, it truly was an amazing weekend.

  5. Glad you all had a great time 🙂 Sounds like the perfect weekend.

  6. Totally awesome. So happy I was a part of it. 🙂

  7. Awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing details and pictures. 🙂 Sounds like real life friends who have known each other a long time. I guess all that support you give and get, and daily checking in with each other is equivalent to a lifetime of knowing someone. 🙂 Pretty amazing!

  8. I've enjoyed reading each of your recaps about the weekend. It sounds like a wonderful time!! The house looks amazing too!

  9. I do think it's amazing that you met up with your IF friends. I love the gals I've met through my local Resolve meetings.

  10. Looks and sounds like a great time. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. That place looks amazing!Glad you had a nice time away!!

  12. […] A girls’ weekend in Breckenridge, CO (this time with some awesome IF lady friends of mine, a few of whom I’ve been privileged to hang out with on multiple occasions since). […]

  13. […] My second group blogger meet-up was the following fall (2011) when I met up with 5 ALI bloggers at a VRBO vacation home in Breckenridge, Colorado. I was 6 months pregnant with Stella, and we were all in various stages of our TTC journeys. There was a 6th blogger who couldn’t make it to that particular meet-up, but the 7 of us have all met up in groups of 2 and 3 over the years since then, and we still have a group text going that we all chime in on from time to time. BU and I even went to Hawaii together last April, and she is one of my best friends as well now. Now that we’ve realized we live only 5-6 hours apart, it’s been fun to get our kids and husbands together more as well! Natalie also lives close to me and was able to visit with her husband and kids this past fall, and Oak lives fairly close to my parents so I’m able to see her and the fam from time to time when I’m up in MN. I love these ladies. […]

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