Carpal Tunnel is No Joke


…yes, I just wrote “dude.”

DUDE, it feels like everything from my left fingertips up through my left elbow is burning off. My right side isn’t too bad (I suppose b/c I’m a lefty?), but whoa, my left side… who knew that swelling and numbness could be accompanied by such a sharp burning sensation?

Has anyone else experienced this lovey side effect of pregnancy? I have a brace on it now, and it’s fine most of the day when I’m up and about, but as soon as I lay down for a nap or to go to sleep, the pain is on.

I obviously can’t take any NSAIDs or get a steroid injection to help… is a brace my only option? Do any of you have alternative treatments (chiropractic care, etc) that helped?


  1. I didn't have the burning, but my hands would fall asleep at night and it would keep me up or wake me up. Not fun. šŸ™

  2. I had pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. I had no idea when it happened that it could be related to my pregnancy, so I was a little embarrassed when I mentioned it to my OB, who just waved her hand. "Yep, pregnancy induced carpal tunnel." WHA? I wore a brace. It went away. Then it came back in both arms when I was carrying the infant seat around everywhere. So have fun with that. šŸ˜‰

  3. Oh I can relate. I had pregnancy induced carpal tunnel with my first pregnancy…it was awful. All the told me was a brace and it did go away after I had my son. But fair warning, I know have a slight case whenever it gets hot and I swell (lovely Texas heat) or if I've had a really busy week at work (I'm a secretary).

  4. Emmicakes had to wear a brace on both hands….I don't think she found any other solutions. I know it was painful for her. Hope the brace helps sweetie.

  5. I've had carpal tunnel before. One entire effin month of it. NSAIDS/Resting it/steroids, nothing helped.What helped me (fixed me about 60% in one sitting and 100 % in 5) was this technique called Intramuscular stimulation. I lucked out immensely because my mom, who is a pain management specialist, did this for me.Turns out my issue was because I had incredibly tight neck muscles, that were contracting and pressing on the nerves that feed my hands. Those inflammed nerves were then causing the hand muscles they fed to contract. The base of all my fingers were swollen, it was in BOTH my hands and the pain was in my wrists. Horrible stuff. I needed needling (crazy needling) in both my neck and my hands. The treatment was painful as hell each time, but it worked like magic.Here is some info on IMS can look up IMS practitioners, hopefully there is one near you, and you can get a consult to see if they can help.There is a clinical trial looking at IMS for carpal tunnel, but sadly, it is in Norway:(

  6. whoa – I totally didn't know this was a side effect of pregnancy. my mom dealt with carpal tunnel and she was in lots of pain.hang in there, kiddo!

  7. Dude, I wish I could offer some helpful advice. But I know nothing on ct with pregnancy. Hope you can get some relief soon!

  8. I had it but not nearly that bad but for about the last month or two my hands were constantly tingly or asleep and ACHED so bad. I took tylenol…sorry, no other suggestions. Just wait until the sciatic nerve kicks into gear.

  9. Did you do acupuncture prior to pregnancy? Could you go back to your acupuncturist and ask about it?

  10. I had it with the twins. it SUCKS!!! It also gets a bit worse for a bit after birth, but goes away with swelling in about 1-2 weeks. Hope you are doing well!!!julia

  11. I was also going to suggest acupuncture. It really helped me and a couple of friends with sciatica, I would imagine it's possible it might help with CT as well?

  12. Josey have you tried massage. I have quite a few clients with carpal tunnel and they do get quite a bit of relief after our sessions. It won't magically disappear in one session but the comfort increases gradually with each. Be sure that they also show you some excercises to do when you're not wearing the splint to help relax the muscles, and free up room on the nerves.

  13. It totally sucks…I have it really bad in both hands….it's driving me crazy…I have found that acupuncture has really helped tho, even if it's only for a few days. I sleep in the braces and wear them when I'm just sitting around the house. They help too, but my Dr actually wanted to give me a cortisone shot. I decided against it for now. If it gets really bad where it's interfering with my work (not being able to palpate pulses in my patients and such) I might have to consider that option…For now I'm sticking with acupuncture…best of luck!

  14. Sorry to hear that! Very common. I haven't been pregnant in a long time so I wasn't aware there was much you could do about it. I do remember really struggling after the babies were born because of the intense numbness to change their diapers. I would fumble a lot. Husband helped. It gradually decreased over the first few weeks then gone! I believe I would run hot water over them, seemed to help? At night during those last weeks/months late pregnancy I would dangle hands over the bed a lot. It WAS truly pregnancy induced then so hopefully it will completely dissipate for you and sounds like you have some great options listed here for now;)

  15. Dude, pregnancy carpel tunnel SUCKS! I didn't have any real burning but boy was it annoying! I also had sciatic problems that made my leg give out when I tried to walk. That was super fun! (It's a good thing kids are worth it!)

  16. There could be a couple things going on….when your pectoral muscles are tense (typing/office work does this to us) and our shoulders are tense; our tendons and muscles start getting pulled in different directions. You could have a pinched nerve from muscles in your shoulders/pectoral region. There is a pressure point up in the front of your shoulder between pecks and shoulder that cause numbness down the fingers. I would start with a massage to loosen up those areas and if you're still having problems, have an occupational therapist give you some exercises to strengthen your wrists. Or call me and I can tell you the ones I was given for my carpal tunnel. I have had carpel tunnel since I was 19, no joke.

  17. Just read Jay's comment – totally right on the money!

  18. I have had sporatice carpal tunnel pain throughout my adult life… wearing the braces really does help, although it's not an instant thing, but more of a long-term thing.I've also tried massaging a bit of Tiger Balm, which is kind of like Icey-Hot. That helps in more of an instant capacity. Good luck!

  19. OMG that sucks. Good the brace helps but I hope it goes away before the baby comes. Hope you get some answers!

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