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*I’m going to get a massage in an hour from a doula who specializes in maternity massages. Pretty stoked about that. Thanks, Ma! (and here’s to hoping she can help with the damn carpal tunnel)

*My sister (who is a head volleyball coach at a university in MN and a workout RockStar) took me to the gym on Saturday morning. Nothing too serious – 20 min on the treadmill, 30 min swimming laps in the pool, and 30 squats with the bar in the weight room. I COULD NOT WALK until today. Seriously. Apparently I need to start working on those squats before my birthing time. It’s not a good sign when sitting down to pee makes you want to cry. Wow.

*HUGE congrats and lots of prayers going to Mech & Baby Hopes. They’ve been TTC since May05 and are in the midst of adopting two children…and Baby Hopes just got a surprise natural BFP. She is one of THOSE stories that are so annoying b/c they perpetuate the myth of “just adopt and you’ll get pregnant,” by HOLY CRAP I am beyond excited for them that they are one of those stories. In her words, “[she IS] your neighbor’s best friend’s sister’s mother-in-law’s co-worker’s daughter,” and I couldn’t be happier for her!

*RockStar officially likes to hang out in my ribs and play them like harp strings. OUCH. But so cool.

*Vacations go by much too quickly. I love my family.

*Sorry for the brief check-in and the lack of commenting, but I’m trying to enjoy every minute I can while in MN with the fam. I don’t fly back to CO until Sunday, so it’ll probably be next week before I’m really back in the game. It’s kind of nice to disconnect for a bit!

(the pic above is of my sister A, me, my sister E, and my Mom. E & Mom swim laps every Saturday morning at the local gym, so we joined them last weekend… that was the day of the squats.)


  1. It looks like you are having an amazing time. Enjoy every second k.

  2. enjoy your family time!

  3. Hillary ( is now one of THOSE stories too – and I couldn't be happier for HER.Yes, work on the squats. You're going to need those muscles!

  4. Oh, thank you so much Josey! 🙂 Sounds like such a wonderful time! I'm definitely missing MN these days!!! Safe travels!!!

  5. Sounds like vacay is a blast. Hope the massage brought some relief for the CT.

  6. What a great vacation….a work out like that would have killed me too!

  7. Enjoy every second!

  8. tell them all hi for us!

  9. I live in Colorado and we are having blizzard conditions! It's pretty fab! This is my first time to your blog and I am due a month after you! Woo hoo for babies!

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