Let’s Get It Started

Oh my gosh – I just clicked on a link to this article from my hypnobabies website, and I about died laughing. Enjoy the video below… 🙂


  1. THAT was hilarious! That woman's poor tummy is ENORMOUS! Love it.

  2. LOL! "You brought this on yourself." This is awesome.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. 1) That was hilarious. That couple is ADORABLE. I totes want to be their best friends.2) Girl can MOVE! ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING SHE IS 40 WEEKS AND 4 DAYS PREGNANT WITH TWINS. HFS.3) That looks very, very, very uncomfortable. I'm not sure I would be so good natured about it. But now that I've seen this, if I'm ever so lucky as to be pregnant with a healthy babe(s), I will try and remember this and force myself to be good natured. Because how much more fun to dance it off than doing what I would likely want to do, which is to lay on the sofa and moan. Dancing is definitely a more funner option.I just said "funner". It was on purpose.

  4. Oh my gosh, that's awesome! I was waiting for her to fall off the ball. Her belly almost looks fake, she's so tiny everywhere else!

  5. So funny!

  6. I almost didn't click on it because that song makes me want to cut my ears off, but since I knew it'd be stuck in my head the rest of the night just by reading the title of the post, I thought I'd go ahead and watch. And I'm glad I did. I LOVE the husband! 🙂

  7. Are you shitting me? Why isn't she out of breath!? God I'm out of shape.That was hilarious and I want to be their friends too. 🙂 4 days overdue with TWINS!?!?!? HFS.

  8. I also cannot believe she's doing that with a belly that big. wow.btw, totally cool that you're 33 weeks. awesome!

  9. Nooooo Waaaaay!!! Unbelievable. She's pretty much amazing in my book!

  10. So did you post this because your own version is coming shortly??I mean, you *are* carrying a Rockstar – shouldn't you post a video of you rocking out? 🙂

  11. That was awesome.

  12. speechless!Laughing at Desiree's comment…is that coming up soon?

  13. OMG – how can that poor girl even stand?!

  14. HAHAHA OMG I almost peed. Hilarious. She is definitely smuggling a fit ball. She is so thin!

  15. That.was.ridiculous. How freaking hilarious!?!?! I couldn't make it through that whole song and I'm not even pregnant! hahah Thanks for sharing!

  16. That is too funny! And WTF, how is it possible that she is ONLY belly AND she's having twins! I looked more like her exercise ball then a person by the time I was 40 weeks. I hope she went into labor when they turned the camera off!Thanks for the laugh!

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