I’m Baaaaack!!

My Mom and sister and I got to have lunch with Oak on Saturday (sadly Mac couldn’t be in attendance), and on Sunday I flew back to Colorado. If you care to see more pics, I’ve posted some here on my family blog. 

I’m still working on my thank you post for the virtual baby shower. It’s coming soon, I promise!

I’m also experiencing lots of Braxton Hicks lately. They’re definitely uncomfortable, but I’m trying to just remind myself that they’re my body’s way of practicing for my birthing time. So crazy to think that this kid could come anytime in the next 3-8 weeks and that’d be “normal.” Wow!!


  1. Are you serious with that picture? You can't even tell that you're pregnant!!!! Sounds like you had a blast with family and friend. I'm glad you travels were safe.

  2. Welcome back! I bet it's going to start feeling soooo real now. I know when I had something big like that planned close to the birth, it was like, "OK now that that's over, it could happen any day now!"

  3. Isn't it crazy to start the countdown like that? Anytime, it could happen anytime now! Welcome back by the way. 🙂

  4. I Love Oak!!!!

  5. Welcome back girl! Glad you got to spend time with your family and friends! 🙂

  6. So exciting that you're so close!!!! Great picture!!!

  7. Josey you totally can't even see your belly in that pic! Wow! Glad to hear the time with fam and friends was well spent. I mentioned you to my acupuncturist today, I said "she's at 34 weeks and could practically have the baby any day now and I'm dying to know the sex". Really I am dying….won't be long now.

  8. Glad you had an awesome trip and got to see Oak.

  9. i can't believe it's so close to time!!! EEK! how are the preparations coming? i'm officially requesting to see pics of the nursery. 😉

  10. I love Audrey! 🙂

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