…Or the lack thereof.

Now that I'm not working a job that keeps me literally running steps all day, I KNOW I need to be working out. I am petrified of packing on the pounds these last few weeks. That being said, I'm currently laying in bed watching TBL and looking at my elliptical with dread because I'm just so damn tired. Ugh!


  1. girl you have got to be kidding me? Just relax already! You worked so hard all the way up to now. How about you give your body a break and just relax for a bit. Don't worry about the weight. In fact stay away from the scale all together. Just enjoy the last few (HFS) weeks of being pregnant. The baby weight is going to be gone so fast you won't even realize it was there. For now just think of your little RS and look at that hard-earned belly while you still can. You're living the dream right now dude.

  2. Please give yourself a break!!! 🙂 You about to give birth! This is your time to just REST. 🙂 Please, Rockstar wants you to rest. Once she arrives, I'm sure you will be dreaming about rest time!!!

  3. I agree with the ladies above!!! I definitely think you deserve a break!!! You've really maintained such a healthy weight and level of activity throughout your pregnancy. I have no doubt the pounds will melt away once Rockstar is born!!! Just rest and enjoy!!!

  4. And four times a charm? I echo the sentiments above. You need to step away from the scale and let your body do what your body is going to do. Weight gain is necessary during pregnancy and your body will burn extra calories AFTERWARDS to help you lose any weight. Stop stepping on your scale everyday and appreciate the only time in your life when you're supposed to put on weight.

  5. Ha. Thanks ladies, but the biggest issue with those lines of reasoning is that I have NEVER been able to drop pounds easily – just add them. Some people can slightly modify their diet and start walking more and BAM, they're set. Not me. I'd rather put the effort in now to not gain as much than have to work even harder post-baby to lose that extra weight (especially since I started this pregnancy 15# above my happy weight). I know that gaining during pregnancy is healthy, but that doesn't mean I have to be lazy. Right now I'm NOT taking care of an infant and NOT working… so I have all the time in the world to dedicate a few minutes a day to being the strongest, healthiest person possible when I go in to deliver this baby. I just did 30 min. on the elliptical and now I'm off to do some squats. Gotta get those legs in shape … this kiddo could come in 22 days and be considered full term. HFS!!!!

  6. Ditto the very smart women above me. You don't need to be working out these last weeks, just rest as much as you can and enjoy your time off! This is the one of the few times you actually have a really good excuse NOT to workout! Live it up and lay in bed all day!

  7. Oh, and after reading your comment, I have never been able to lose a lb in my life without a TON of hard work in the gym and strict diet. The scale just always slowly went up and maintaining was the best I could do. You know how easy it was for me to drop after baby, so you might get lucky like me. Breastfeeding definitely helps!

  8. I hear you about trying to be ahead of the game while you still have time and possibly a little more energy now than after the baby is here, but I do agree with the ladies that you need to cut yourself a break. So what if you pack on a few pounds? Every time you look at that scale, just remember why it may not be the number you want – you brought a baby into this world and that is an amazing thing! Just like people say stretch marks are their battle scars from pregnancy, think the same way about a few extra measly pounds. You are still beautiful no matter what that damn scale says!

  9. You look fantastic! I wouldn't worry about that damned elliptical. 🙂

  10. I think you look awesome! This close to the end you need to relax 🙂 Listen to all of us, we know our shit! 🙂

  11. Sorry, I disagree with the others 🙂 Exercising while pregnant is SO healthy for both you and the baby – the weight doesn't matter so much, but prepping your body for the work of labor is a good thing to do, and studies have shown that there are a myriad of benefits for Rockstar if you keep it up. Kudos for pushing through the tired and getting on that elliptical! I was going to tell you to just do it for five minutes and see how you feel. I often will find that getting started is the worst part, then I enjoy it after that. Plus it makes you feel so much better about yourself 🙂 xox (I myself need to get back into some form of weight lifting!!)

  12. I agree with Josey as well, partly because she's always (usually ;)) right, partly because Audi might read this and I hope she would agree with me, and partly because my mind and body have been in weight-loss/exercise mode for the past 5 months and I (like many or us) know how crappy it feels to gain and gain and then have to try and lose! I know I didn't have a baby (I just had a lot of college binge drinking and eating) so it's a different kind of gain, but I still think there are similarities. There are healthy/normal gains and then there's the excuses/excess gains. I always remember that saying from Knapper: "Excuses are like armpits, everybody has 'um and they all stink." SO true! So what if you're carrying my beautiful future niece/nephew (I mean, that's freakin amazing, holy crap, but for the purposes of this post…)?? You can still get your beautiful prego butt on the elliptical for 30 min while watching TBL to stay healthy and not let yourself gain an extra 15# these last few weeks. I don't think you need to be running any 5ks, but I know you're not silly enough to be forcing yourself to some extreme exercise your body isn't comfortable with at this point. I know you're relaxing and enjoying these last few weeks with RockStar in your belly – and dedicating 30 min a couple times a week to keeping your body healthy is awesome!I'm proud of you for staying healthy while you're pregnant. I can't wait for Christmas. I love you! xoxox

  13. Good comment Emma. I just read the post and was going to say, you can do a few minutes on the elliptical, Josey (to give you motivation!)! And then read everyone else's post about not doing it and thought I have a different point of view than most people. :)Glad you did 30 minutes Josey. Be a rockstar for your rockstar.

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